• Zeal Without Knowledge Devotional

    Romans 10:1-3

    All of us can fall into a mind-set that says we must add something to the finished work of Christ in order to be truly acceptable to God. Let us be clear: obeying the commands of our Savior is not optional (John 14:15). However, our good works are not the means by which we establish a right relationship with God, and we do not make ourselves more worthy by our obedience. We are accounted worthy of heaven only by the righteousness of Jesus, imputed to us by faith alone. View Resource

  • True Belief Devotional

    Romans 10:1-9

    Publicly owning Christ as Lord, especially with our mouths, is sometimes very difficult. Think for a moment: Has there been some occasion recently when you might have spoken up for Christ but did not? Were you compromising, or was it really not a good time to speak up? Ask God to make you more faithful. View Resource

  • Christ, the Goal of the Law Devotional

    Romans 10:4

    The early church father Irenaeus writes: “How is Christ the end of the law if he is not also the cause of it? For he who has brought in the end also created the beginning.” The Son of God gave us the Mosaic law, through His Holy Spirit, so to search for Jesus in the law is to fulfill the purpose for which He gave it. As we read the law and see our need for the righteousness only God can provide in Christ, we are using His law rightly and being brought to its true goal. View Resource

  • The Message Concerning Faith Devotional

    Romans 10:5-8

    Romans 10:8 quotes Deuteronomy 30:14 in order to point out the gracious nature of the justification that is by faith alone. God did not make the Israelites look for His Word that told them of their salvation from Egypt and how they were to thank Him for it, but He came to them and brought His Word near. He has done the same in the new covenant. The gospel is not something we have to wonder about. It has been revealed clearly so that even a child can know and believe it. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    Romans 10:9

    None of the Apostles ever conceived of separating Jesus’ work as Savior from His lordship over the lives of His people. To believe one can be saved without serving Jesus as Lord is to give both ourselves and others a false assurance of salvation, and God will not treat lightly those who lead people astray in this manner (Luke 17:1–2). We do not serve God to get into the kingdom, but if we do not want to serve Him, we are not in the kingdom. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    Romans 10:9

    Far too many in our day have bought into a form of “easy believism” whereby they confess Jesus as Savior but do not submit to Him as Lord. True, there is nothing we can do to make God love us, for His fundamental disposition toward those in Christ is already unwavering love. But it does not follow that we should have no desire to please God. The repentant heart looks to thank the Lord for His favor through love to God and neighbor. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    Romans 10:9

    Do you believe that you can be a “carnal Christian?” That is, do you believe that Jesus can save you if you in no way submit to Him as Lord? Perfect obedience is not possible in this life, but if your life in no way reflects the Lordship of Christ then the Bible says you do not have true faith. Confess your trust in Christ alone as your Savior, and submit to Him as Lord. Look for concrete ways you can obey Him today in your family life or at your workplace. View Resource

  • Belief and Confession Devotional

    Romans 10:9-13

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that the emphasis on believing with the heart shows that “faith is a firm and effectual confidence and not a bare notion only.” Saving faith is not simply knowing the truth about Jesus or believing the facts about His life, although these things are necessary. Saving faith also requires personal trust in Jesus for salvation, the belief that His work and promises apply to us specifically. If we believe such things, we are saved. View Resource

  • Faith and Assurance Devotional

    Romans 10:10

    All of us will struggle with doubt at times, but that is not necessarily a sign that our faith is not genuine. When we have doubts, it is important to talk them over with those who are mature in the faith, so make sure that you have trusted friends and counselors with whom you can talk. Regular participation in corporate worship and our efforts to mortify our own sin will also help us grow in our assurance that we belong to Christ. View Resource

  • True Faith Devotional

    Romans 10:10-13

    The confession “Jesus is Lord” was perilous in Paul’s day. A person could easily lose his or her life. In today’s free world this is no longer the case, thankfully. Ask God for courage in the relatively minor persecutions we face today, and for faithfulness in any deeper persecutions we may face in the future. View Resource

  • God’s Kingdom and Power Devotional

    Romans 10:11–13

    Answer 128 of the Heidelberg Catechism reminds us that the Father is “both willing and able to give us all that is good” that He might “receive all the praise, forever.” We should not doubt the goodness of God, nor His purpose to advance His glory in all the earth. When we come to Him in faith, we can be confident that He will do whatever is best for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). This is what He has promised. View Resource

  • Defining Evangelism Devotional

    Romans 10:13–15

    God does not give all of His people the same evangelistic gifts. However, that does not mean we cannot grow in our ability and willingness to evangelize. Studying the basic outline of the gospel message will help us be ready to share the gospel when the opportunity arises. We should also pray that God would open doors for us to preach His good news to others in our lives. View Resource

  • The Need for Missionaries Devotional

    Romans 10:13–17

    Is your pastor all you’d like him to be? Can it be that the reason he is not is that his people aren’t interceding for him, protecting him from the fierce assaults and subtle seductions of the demonic realm? If you’d like to see some improvement in the pastoral ministry in your local church, the place to start working for it is on your knees. View Resource

  • Predestination and Evangelism Devotional

    Romans 10:14–15

    Being used by God to reach the world and call the elect to faith is a great privilege. Of course, the Lord will save all those whom He has chosen, which is good news because it means our outreach failures cannot derail God’s plan to save all His elect. But this should not make us complacent. When we preach the gospel, we are participating in the greatest rescue mission in all of history, namely, the salvation of sinners. What could be more motivating than that? View Resource

  • Three Aspects of Faith Devotional

    Romans 10:14–17

    Saving faith is not a cold, empty rationalism that simply gives intellectual assent to facts. At the same time, it is not a blind entrusting of ourselves into the hands of someone else. Instead, it is a warm, intellectually vital embrace of the Savior and His promises, believing that He can and will do all that He has pledged. It is the willingness to trust Him and His Word in any and all circumstances, and an eagerness to repent when we doubt Him. View Resource