• Am I really a Christian if I don’t feel any different? Question and Answer

    Romans 10:9

    I haven’t written a book like this, but I’ve often thought about writing a book called The Sensuous Christian, describing one who lives and dies by his feelings. It doesn’t matter what you feel—if you’re forgiven by Christ, that’s an objective state of affairs. If you’ve confessed your sins, God has promised to forgive you for your sins. If you confess your sins, then your sins are forgiven. It doesn’t matter how you feel. You may still feel guilty. Conversely, let’s say someone commits a crime, goes to the courtroom, and the judge asks, “How do you plead?” Then the … View Resource

  • If we do not witness and share the gospel will some people not go to heaven? Question and Answer

    Romans 10:14-15

    I had a conversation with the leader of one of the world’s largest evangelistic organizations a few years ago. There had been a dispute in the church, and we were meeting to try to solve the problem. We were able to resolve the problem, and this man leaned over to me and said, “If we hadn’t had this meeting tonight, millions of people would’ve been lost.” And I responded, “If we wouldn’t have had this meeting tonight, not one person would’ve been lost,” because when God, from all eternity, elects somebody to salvation, you can bet the last dollar you … View Resource