• The Highest Calling Devotional

    Romans 1:1

    The celebrity mentality that pervades our culture often causes many believers to wish they had polished, talented communicators as their preachers. But this is not how we should evaluate our ministers, and we should be grateful that we have pastors who accurately and faithfully preach God’s Word even if they are not all equally gifted. Take some time this week to thank God for His faithful under-shepherds and encourage them whenever you have the opportunity. View Resource

  • Paul’s Magnum Opus Devotional

    Romans 1:1

    Take some time today to read through the book of Romans and get a grasp of the book’s overall flow and argument. Ask the Lord to help you see the truth of the gospel and how it applies to you both at conversion and throughout the rest of your Christian life. Think of how you might share the gospel with friends and family, and ask the Father to ground you more confidently in His truth as you study His Word that you might clearly preach His gospel. View Resource

  • The Advent of Christ Devotional

    Romans 1:1–7

    Today, we expect the second advent of Christ to judge the living and the dead (Acts 1:11; 2 Tim. 4:1). Sometimes we are tempted to be discouraged, to doubt that He is coming back, because it has been almost two thousand years since His ascension. But the people of God had to wait millennia for His first advent, and their faith was vindicated when He was born in Bethlehem. Our faith will be vindicated as well when our Savior comes in glory. View Resource

  • The Calling of God Devotional

    Romans 1:1–7

    Though it is not directly mentioned here, each believer has a call to service. Many have been gifted to labor in the world. Others have been gifted to work with men and women, perhaps in the church. God’s call is a call to serve Him. See that the call of God influences how you live and work at your calling. View Resource

  • The Gospel of God in History Devotional

    Romans 1:2-4

    Christ’s resurrection was the first phase of His exaltation, that point at which He was set over all creation to rule from His Father’s right hand and bring all of His and our enemies into subjection. Having fulfilled His work as the last Adam, the Lord possessed according to His humanity what He always had according to His divinity, namely, the right to bring all things under God’s dominion. In Christ, we are granted the honor of taking dominion in all spheres of life, to His everlasting glory. View Resource

  • The Church in Rome Devotional

    Romans 1:5–7

    Faith and repentance go hand-in-hand. To turn to the Lord in faith is to turn away from trust in oneself and in one’s own righteousness. Repentance is this turning, and it is a command of God in Scripture (Acts 17:30). As the flip side of repentance, faith is something that we are commanded to exercise as well. Faith itself is not meritorious, but it is something that we must do. In preaching the gospel, let us be clear that trusting in Christ is not optional. It is what He orders us to do. View Resource

  • Paul’s Intent to Visit Rome Devotional

    Romans 1:8–12

    One commentator notes how Paul does not view God’s sovereignty as something that he should take as permission not to pray or act. He knew that the Lord had thus far prevented him from coming to Rome, but he did not know if that was to be a permanent situation, so he kept on asking God to give him a path forward to the capital city. Praying according to God’s will does not mean that we stop praying if we do not get what we ask for right away. View Resource

  • Paul’s Gospel Obligation Devotional

    Romans 1:13–15

    All believers have been called by God to a specific task and given certain gifts for ministry. The question for us is whether we feel driven to fulfill this vocation and use the gifts that the Lord has given us. Though our physical limitations and our sin may lead us into periods of apathy, one sign of the Spirit’s work in our hearts is that we feel compelled to serve God where He has called us and that we are eager to find ways to fulfill our vocations. View Resource

  • The Power of God for Salvation Devotional

    Romans 1:16

    The gospel is not a message to be ashamed of even if the world finds it foolish. It is God’s power unto salvation, and our attempts to make the gospel more palatable to fallen people prevent them from seeing it in all its power and glory. Though there might be foolish and irresponsible ways of presenting the gospel when we measure ourselves by Scripture, the message itself is God’s wisdom and power, and we must never change it to be accepted by sinners. View Resource

  • Being Faithful Devotional

    Romans 1:16–17

    We often do not feel like righteous people, nonetheless we are declared righteous on account of our faith in Christ. As such, we must live a life that reflects this reality. If you have broken a promise recently, go apologize, and endeavor to behave in a trustworthy and loyal manner in all of your relationships. View Resource

  • The Fruit of Faith Devotional

    Romans 1:16-17

    Are you a trustworthy person? As believers have been predestined to be conformed to Christ’s image (Rom. 8:29) and Christ is supremely trustworthy, then evidence of Christian growth comes as we become more trustworthy. As we live by faith, let us seek to become more trustworthy friends, relatives, workers, and citizens View Resource

  • The Insanity of Luther Devotional

    Romans 1:16-17

    Once we begin to understand something of the gravity of our sin and the purity of God’s character, it can be easy for our knowledge of our depravity to paralyze us. This need not be the case, for the good news of the gospel is that while we are sinners in and of ourselves, God fully receives us as righteous if we trust in His Son alone for salvation. In so doing, we enjoy peace with God the Father and have no reason to fear His eternal wrath. View Resource

  • The Insanity of Luther Devotional

    Romans 1:16–17

    God’s demand for holiness is absolute. We have to be holy just as He is holy (Lev. 19:2), and we deserve His wrath when we fail. All men merit this judgment (Rom. 3:23), but in His grace the Father has provided His Son, whose perfect conformity to the Lord’s standard is reckoned to us, if we trust in Him alone (2 Cor. 5:21). Only in Christ can we stand before a holy God. Confess your reliance upon the holiness of Jesus today and forsake your attempts to earn divine favor. View Resource

  • Only One Gospel Devotional

    Romans 1:16-17

    The gospel tells us that we can become citizens of Christ’s kingdom through faith in Him alone. Yet we often try to complicate this simple message by adding additional requirements for citizenship. Whether we do this consciously or unconsciously, let us remember that God requires nothing but faith for citizenship in His kingdom. This is grace, for we would never make it into the kingdom if our works were a prerequisite for entry. View Resource

  • Paul’s Theology Devotional

    Romans 1:16–17

    Paul was a unique vessel prepared by God for a unique task. His inspired work has been the foundation for many of the church’s theological tenets for two thousand years. Scan through Acts 9 through 28. List ways Paul contributed to the expansion of the church. What obstacles did he face? What is his legacy for the church? View Resource