• Since everyone knows God (Rom. 1:18–23), how does that affect our defense of the faith? Question and Answer

    Romans 1:18-23

    SPROUL: I can remember being invited to speak and give the case for the existence of God on a college campus to the atheist club there. I went through a defense of theism, but I also went back to the passage in Romans 1:18–23 and said: “I’m happy to try to discuss with you all the intellectual questions that are involved in trying to prove and demonstrate the existence of God. However, I want to put my cards on the table upfront and tell you that, in light of what the Apostle teaches in this passage, I’m persuaded that I’m … View Resource

  • Are those who have never heard of Christ going to hell? Question and Answer

    Romans 1:18-23

    That’s one of the most emotionally laden questions that a Christian can ever be asked. Nothing is more terrifying or more awful to contemplate than that any human being would go to hell. On the surface, when we ask a question like that, what’s lurking there is, “How could God ever possibly send some person to hell who never even had the opportunity to hear of the Savior? It just doesn’t seem right.” I would say the most important section of Scripture to study with respect to that question is the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans. The … View Resource

  • What does it mean for God to “give people up” to their sin (Rom. 1:24)? Question and Answer

    Romans 1:24

    A good way of thinking about this is that when people rebel against God, especially in the way Romans 1 describes it, they view themselves as being freed from the judgment of God: “We are able to do these things and flaunt God’s law, and you Christian people speak about the judgment of God.” Paul says that the fact that you are doing these things so freely and with a free spirit is actually itself the judgment of God. God has given you over to that sin. In a sense, if that is the kind of freedom you want, then … View Resource

  • What does it mean in Romans 1 that God gave people up to a reprobate mind? Question and Answer

    Romans 1:28

    THOMAS: This is the first chapter of Romans, and it extends after the introductory prologue that is, in some ways, a summary of the whole book of Romans. Paul begins his exposition of sin, which will lead all the way through to the middle of the third chapter. He talks about sin both in Jews and Gentiles so that none is without excuse. As a result of Adam’s fall and rebellion, he lost his native ability to will that which is good. “Giving over to a reprobate mind” means that God consigns mankind to live in a condition that can … View Resource