• Questions Answered Media Resource by

    Revelation 1-22

    Even though the basic message of Revelation is simple enough for any Christian to understand, a lifetime is still not long enough to learn everything that this book has to offer. In this final lesson, Dr. Godfrey turns his attention to common questions that arise from studying this book. Whether all your questions are answered or not, his hope is that you have been richly blessed through this study of Revelation and that you will continue to be blessed as you seek to know Christ and to make Him known to others. View Resource

  • No More Tears Media Resource by

    Revelation 21:1-22:5

    For many people, heaven is considered a mysterious place that all go to after death. When a loved one suffers, and finally dies, those left behind comfort themselves by hoping that the one who died has gone to a “better place.” Although much about heaven is shrouded in mystery, we can be sure that Jesus Himself will be there, and because of that, many other things will not. Dr. Sproul talks about one of the things that will not be in heaven, in this message entitled “No More Tears.” View Resource

  • Come, Lord Jesus Media Resource by

    Revelation 22

    As we approach the end of our survey of the book of Revelation, we will reflect on major themes of John’s conclusion to this book and major themes of Revelation as a whole. Dr. Godfrey powerfully paraphrases this book’s final message to its readers: “God is more glorious than you think. Life is not what you see. Life is not even what you think. It’s always better. God is more glorious. Sin is more serious. Evil is more powerful, suffering is greater, time is shorter, and Jesus is stronger.” View Resource