• The Millennial Reign of Christ Devotional

    Revelation 20:1–6

    Given the disagreements over the millennium in church history, it is wise to hold our millennial views with humility. We should not divide with others who affirm the present reign of Christ over His kingdom if they differ with us on their millennial view. Instead, we should work together to proclaim the present reign of Christ and His command for all people to repent and bow to His lordship. View Resource

  • Eternal Punishment Devotional

    Revelation 20

    Many people believe the doctrine of eternal conscious punishment is incompatible with God’s love. However, Jesus Christ—the fullest manifestation of God’s love—spoke more about hell than anyone else. In fact, hell is the inevitable result of God’s love for His own glory and for the love we see between the persons of the Godhead. Each person of the Trinity loves the glory of the other persons so much that He will not tolerate those who impenitently attempt to deface this glory by their sin. View Resource

  • The Millennium: When Is It? Devotional

    Revelation 20:1-15

    Most of the Reformers and the Puritans were postmils. Calvin, though, was an amil, and Dutch Calvinism, after a postmil start, has tended to be amil. Fundamentalism of the last 150 years has tended to be premil. In light of such diverse “biblical” positions, resist the temptation to be dogmatic on this issue. Avoid the scandal of division over doctrinal nuance which is not relative to salvation. View Resource