• Questions Answered Media Resource by

    Revelation 1-22

    Even though the basic message of Revelation is simple enough for any Christian to understand, a lifetime is still not long enough to learn everything that this book has to offer. In this final lesson, Dr. Godfrey turns his attention to common questions that arise from studying this book. Whether all your questions are answered or not, his hope is that you have been richly blessed through this study of Revelation and that you will continue to be blessed as you seek to know Christ and to make Him known to others. View Resource

  • The Vindication of the Saints Media Resource by

    Revelation 14:14-16:9

    God will leave nothing undone. As John continues to relate his heavenly vision, the unfolding story of Revelation is one of completion. When the harvest of God’s elect is ready to be gathered, Jesus will welcome every saint into His fold; when the hour of judgment arrives, God will answer the martyrs’ unresolved cry for justice; when the heavenly host observe God’s treatment of the righteous and the wicked, they will erupt with praise and adoration for His holiness, justice, and truth. Christians in all ages can take heart that God is at work and will not fail to accomplish … View Resource