• Jesus And His Servant Son Devotional

    Revelation 1

    Worship is the natural outflow of a true encounter with Jesus. If we are not motivated to worship our Savior, then we may not actually know Him. If we want to worship but feel something is amiss, it may be that we need a fresh encounter with Christ in His Word. Let us meditate on God’s Word that we might be reminded of Christ’s glory and be motivated to worship Him in spirit and in truth. View Resource

  • Freedom Through Christ’s Blood Devotional

    Revelation 1:5b

    Baptism reminds us who believe that we are washed clean of our sin on account of the blood of Christ. His death atoned for our guilt, enabling God to forgive us without compromising His justice. When we see the water of baptism, we should be reminded of the great sacrifice of Jesus, who poured out His blood— His very life—for the sake of His people. May we never consider this truth lightly but rejoice in what the Lord has done for us. View Resource

  • The Ruler and Judge Devotional

    Revelation 1:9-19

    We have looked at ten encounters with Christ. We have seen people fall on their faces before Him while others walk away unaffected. We cannot gaze on His face—yet—but we can know Him through His Word. Let us seek Him there, always remembering that “ ‘Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’ ” (John 20:29b). View Resource

  • John, the Beloved Devotional

    Revelation 1:9–20

    A face-to-face vision of the Lord is not given to most of His people this side of glory. Yet all of us will one day regularly encounter Him in worship on the new earth. When we come into His presence, we will fall at the feet of the One who holds the keys to Death and Hades. Cast yourself at His feet in worship today. Tell another who does not love Jesus that He is Savior and Lord and that he is called to put away idols and worship Him as king and living Savior. View Resource

  • The Time of Worship Devotional

    Revelation 1:10

    Churches may establish other non-obligatory days of worship and celebration besides the first day of the week. However, the only Christian day of worship that must be observed is the Lord’s Day. Let us take our responsibility to worship and rest on the Lord’s Day seriously and make the most of our corporate gatherings every week. View Resource

  • The Angelic Host of Heaven Devotional

    Revelation 4

    Scripture never teaches that human beings are transformed into angels when they reach heaven. However, it does report that we will see God face-to-face. We can hardly imagine what this will be like, but we know it cannot be compared to the best things we have in the here and now. We will never be bored, and we will never grow tired of looking on the face of God. Are you looking forward to the beatific vision? View Resource

  • The Heavenly Host Devotional

    Revelation 4

    What is the highest calling of the Christian? The continual praise of God by the angels in heaven is one of the many depictions in the Bible that emphasize the importance of worship. Praising our Creator in heaven is the highest duty for the believer; indeed, we are exhorted to worship the Lord in all that we do (1 Cor. 10:31). And we should look forward to corporate worship each Sunday, for it is there that we glorify God in the presence of His people and the angels. View Resource

  • God’s Glory as Creator Devotional

    Revelation 4:11

    It is easy for us to take the existence of the universe for granted, to think that we are owed things simply because they exist. However, nothing would exist if God had not created the universe, so we should regularly give the Lord glory for His creation, for making us and for making everything that we enjoy. Have you this day given God the glory for being your Creator? View Resource

  • Every Tribe and Tongue Devotional

    Revelation 5

    Jesus’ disciples were very much concerned with the restoration of the kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6). While we do not know all the reasons why Christ did not consummate His kingdom two thousand years ago, we do see that the time between His two advents has allowed for many nations to join His people Israel. Thank God for the merciful inclusion of the Gentiles and seek to support the missions activities of your church that proclaim His reign over all men. View Resource

  • The Holy Catholic Church Devotional

    Revelation 5:9–10

    The existence of the church is not a “plan b” that God turned to when “plan a” did not work out. Instead, the church is the goal toward which the Lord has been working from the beginning. A church made up of people from all around the world is a fulfillment of prophecy and a striking proof of the truth of Scripture. When tempted to discouragement, we should look at the church’s growth throughout history as a proof that the Lord is working out His plan. View Resource

  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Devotional

    Revelation 6:1-8

    In the words of the classic hymn: “Christ shall have dominion over land and sea; earth’s remotest regions shall his empire be.” Nothing will finally stand in the way of Christ’s kingdom. He will never allow a foe of the church to get so strong as to wipe out His gospel, and church history bears witness to this very fact. We should be confident in every circumstance because the Lord guarantees the success of His mission, which means His people will win in the end. View Resource

  • To Whom are we Speaking? Devotional

    Revelation 6:10

    The fact that God is not merely our friend is actually a great benefit for us. Mere friends cannot rescue us from sin. Good pals cannot provide the all-sufficient help we need to make it through our trials and tribulations. Only the sovereign Lord of all can give us such things. Let us take care to approach our Maker with the reverence and praise that He deserves, and may we always exalt Him as our loving and sovereign Master and King. View Resource

  • The Lamb and His Tribes Devotional

    Revelation 7

    The prophets looked forward to the day when the Gentiles would worship Abraham’s Lord. However, the prophets did not understand this fully (Eph.3:4–6), nor did they see that these Gentiles would be the ones in God’s kingdom used to draw Abraham’s physical sons back to Him. All who believe in Jesus are heirs of the promise; there are no second-class citizens in His kingdom. The Father has adopted you as His own child if you believe in Christ. View Resource

  • True Catholicity Devotional

    Revelation 7

    Revelation 7 indicates that God’s people will include men and women from every tribe and tongue. The catholic church is the church that is enriched by thinkers from every background who preach the truth of Scripture, not the church that makes one geographical or cultural expression of the faith definitional for everyone else. Let us work for the catholicity of the church, finding a place for all faithful expressions of biblical truth. View Resource

  • Receiving God’s Forgiveness Devotional

    Revelation 12:7-12

    God the Holy Spirit does not accuse us; He convicts us and comforts us. That means that conviction by the Spirit will be followed by a sense of peace and cleanliness. If we have confessed our sins and still feel as if we have not been forgiven, it is likely that Satan and his demons are attempting to do their work of accusation in our lives. We must stand against them in such instances, reminding them of the surety of the Lord’s promises and thus our forgiveness in Jesus. View Resource