• An Eternal Covenant with David Devotional

    Psalm 89:19–37

    We are not waiting for Christ to sit on David’s throne, for He is reigning now in all His glory. One day that glory will be plainly visible to all. Because He is ruling over all, we can be sure that all of our foes will be vanquished and that there will be nothing raised up against us that can ultimately separate us from His love. Let us rejoice in this great truth and call people everywhere to submit to Jesus, the great Davidic king. View Resource

  • God’s Eternal Covenant with David Devotional

    Psalm 89:19–37

    Christ is worthy to sit on David’s throne forever, which means that all those who reign with Him will reign forever. Thus, Paul’s promise that we will reign with Christ (2 Tim. 2:11–13) is good news indeed. We will share in the reign of One whose kingdom can have no end. No matter the difficulties we face now, we are actually royalty if we are in Christ, and we will rule and reign with Him forever. Let that encourage us as we face adversity. View Resource

  • How Long, O LORD? Devotional

    Psalm 89:38–52

    If we want tangible proof that God always keeps His promises, we need look no further than His promises to David regarding the work of Christ. Our Creator has kept His covenant with David, raising Jesus from the dead as proof of His steadfast love to the Davidic line. The resurrection of Jesus proves, among other things, that our Father is always faithful to His Word. May we trust Him to keep all of His promises to us. View Resource