• God’s Lovely Dwelling Place Devotional

    Psalm 84:1–7

    The Bible speaks often of the beauty of God and the loveliness of His dwelling place. Though it is hard for us to fathom now, our Creator is more beautiful than anything we can imagine. The most beautiful of His creatures pale in comparison to His radiant loveliness. One day, all of us who are in Christ will see this loveliness face-to-face (1 John 3:2). Christ is better than any of the pleasures this world has to offer, so why would we serve lesser idols instead of Him? View Resource

  • One Day in the Courts of the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 84:8–12

    Where and who do you want to be? Is it more important to you to be in this world with a high position and much acclaim, or would you prefer to be a mere servant in the household of God? The world and its allurements may be enticing, but all of it will pass away. Only the household of God will remain, and only what we do for Christ will have eternal value. May we all seek to be servants in the kingdom of God. View Resource