• For The Coming Generation Devotional

    Psalm 78:1–20

    As believers from the Reformed tradition, we firmly confess the sovereignty of God and the surety of His promises. Simply put, He cannot fail to preserve His people. Nevertheless, we do not deny the role of responsible human agents in this preservation. Through the efforts of faithful church officers, mothers, fathers, and mentors, the Lord hands on His truth from generation to generation. View Resource

  • The Parables of Jesus Devotional

    Psalm 78:2

    One of the things that characterize Jesus as a master teacher is His use of parables to illustrate His lessons. Vivid stories such as the parables help those who believe to understand the Word of God. Insofar as we teach the Word of God, either in the church or in our homes, we can help our hearers better comprehend Scripture through the use of helpful illustrations. View Resource

  • Ingratitude and Hypocrisy Devotional

    Psalm 78:21–39

    The consequences for ingratitude and hypocrisy are great indeed. Because the wilderness generation never offered genuine repentance for these sins, the people of that era did not live to see God’s great blessing in the land. We must be on guard against the ingratitude and hypocrisy of our own hearts, or we will prove ourselves to lack genuine persevering faith. Let us examine ourselves and seek to follow the Lord in truth. View Resource

  • Idolatry and Restoration Devotional

    Psalm 78:40–66

    Though much of the focus of today’s passage is on the failure of the Israelites due to idolatry, we can find greatly encouraging the concluding note of hope in which God arises to rescue His people. Even when the covenant community descends to the depths of depravity, we know that He will finally keep His promises to save His people. This should not make us complacent in sin, but it should help us rely on the Lord, who alone can fix all that is wrong with His people. View Resource

  • God’s Choice of Judah Devotional

    Psalm 78:67–72

    Our great God ushered in His kingdom not with a show of force but through the humble Jesus, the Lamb of God who laid down His life to save His people from their sins. This Jesus is the only leader who can guide us in perfect righteousness, and it is in Him alone that we have a sure hope. May we bow to His sovereign reign today, seeking to follow His will, and may we also yearn for His coming to consummate His kingdom. View Resource