• Praying for the King Devotional

    Psalm 72:1–11

    Christians who live under governments that are hostile to the interests of the church may find it difficult to pray for their rulers. Scripture, however, does not tell us to pray for our leaders according to their godliness. In fact, if even the best old covenant kings who knew the Lord needed prayer, how much more do ungodly rulers need it? May we be encouraged to pray regularly for our leaders no matter how just or unjust they might be. View Resource

  • The Enduring Name of the King Devotional

    Psalm 72:12–20

    God in His providence raises up governments to protect the welfare of their citizens and to maintain peace and justice. However, we know that even the best rulers do not fulfill this task perfectly and that the Lord allows many to come to power who have no interest in justice. This, of course, is finally for the good of His people and for His glory (Rom. 8:28), but the failures of earthly leaders point us to the only king who will never fail—Jesus Christ. May we look to His reign above all else. View Resource