• The Divine and Davidic Throne Devotional

    Psalm 45:1–9

    What are we to look for in a godly leader? Are we to find someone who simply wants to get the job done even if it means steamrolling the people under him? The answer is no. If even the Davidic king was to be characterized by meekness, truth, and righteousness, then surely lesser leaders are to model the same. This is particularly important in the church. As we seek leaders in our churches, let us look for those who humbly serve God and His people. View Resource

  • A Sacred Union Devotional

    Psalm 45

    Compare the relationship between Christ and the church to that of a husband and wife. How has the denigration of marriage in our society weakened people’s understanding of the union of God’s people with Christ? Assess anew your personal and corporate purity as Christ’s bride. View Resource

  • The King’s Glorious Bride Devotional

    Psalm 45:10–17

    Believers are concerned to mortify sin and grow in holiness, so it is easy to become discouraged when we feel like we are failing in this task and are struggling against the sins that seem to overpower us. If you find yourself in this situation, take heart: your Groom is working to make you beautiful. He is conforming you to His image even when you think you are not making much progress at all, and He has already clothed you in His perfect righteousness so that you stand before God unafraid. View Resource