• The Taste of Worship Devotional

    Psalm 34

    God designed the elements of the Lord’s Supper to teach us specific things about His salvation, so it is appropriate for us to think carefully about what we learn from the taste of the bread and the wine as we gather at His Table. As we consume the bread and the wine, let us recall how Christ nourishes us just as bread nourishes our bodies and see that what was most bitter for Christ is now most joyous for those of us who trust in His name. View Resource

  • The Taste of Worship Devotional

    Psalm 34

    God has graciously given us many different foods, and every time we taste something we should remember the goodness of the Lord and His marvelous provision of our basic sustenance. When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper as a church family, we should also keep in mind the lessons God wants us to learn as we taste the elements. Through the bitter death of His Son, our Father has given joy to His people. View Resource

  • Adoring Our Lord and Maker Devotional

    Psalm 34:3

    Adoration is a vital part of prayer, but it is one part of prayer that is easy to forget. We can quickly become so focused on listing our concerns that we neglect the more necessary task of worshiping our Maker. Let us take care to devote a portion of each prayer that we offer to the worship of our Lord God Almighty. View Resource

  • Jonathan Edwards Devotional

    Psalm 34:8

    The greatest legacy that Edwards has left the church is his teachings on the perfect justice of God and the unsurpassable sweetness of Christ. Take some time to consider today just how much punishment your sins deserve and how gracious God has been to you in Christ. With Bible in hand, meditate on the sweetness of Christ. View Resource

  • Jonathan Edwards and the Beauty of Christ Devotional

    <p>Psalm 34:8</p>

    Are you known for your proclamation of the beauty of Christ? Sadly, the idea of the beauty of Christ is often neglected in today’s church, with the result that many pastors and laypeople do not speak often of the loveliness of Christ Jesus. Let us not be afraid to speak of the beauty of Christ as revealed in His character, His love for His people, His atonement and resurrection, and His present and future reign. View Resource