• The Messiah Forsaken Devotional

    Psalm 22:1–15

    That the sinless Son of God could bear the curse of God on sin is a great mystery, but it is the mystery that is at the heart of our salvation. As a man, the Son of God endured the judgment of the holy, triune Creator for the sins of those men and women who are united to Him by faith alone. We need not fear that God will ever remove the light of His countenance from us if we are in Christ. His sacrifice of His Son proves His justice and the infinite degree to which He loves us. View Resource

  • The Messiah Restored Devotional

    Psalm 22:16–31

    Christ’s forsakenness as a man under the judgment of God could never be permanent. Jesus’ humble submission to His father as a sacrifice of infinite worth meant that He could fully pay for our sin and thus exhaust the infinite divine wrath upon our sin. Moreover, the fact that He is personally sinless means that death, which is the punishment for sin, could not hold Him forever. We celebrate His resurrection because it proves that He has saved us from our sin. View Resource