• Alike, But Very Different Devotional

    Psalm 18

    One of the most valuable spiritual exercises that we can engage in is to meditate on a few of the analogical descriptions of the Lord in Scripture. Taking terms such as rock or shepherd, we can consider how God is both like and unlike these specific terms, and then we can reflect on what they tell us about Him. Consider meditating this day on one of these terms or any other word used to describe God in Scripture. View Resource

  • Alike, but Very Different Devotional

    Psalm 18

    As John Calvin has said, God condescends to our limitations, revealing Himself in our words with images that give us real knowledge about His nature. Today consider three metaphors often used for our Father in Scripture — rock, light, and shepherd. Think of the ways the Lord is like and unlike all of these things. Go before Him in prayer and thank Him for His faithfulness, goodness, and kindness. View Resource

  • Speaking About God Devotional

    Psalm 18

    Analogical speech about God has its limits, but it is fully adequate to tell us truth about the Lord. As we hear God referred to as a rock, a light, a shepherd, and a host of other metaphors, we should think carefully on how the Lord is like such things. That will enrich our view of God and our prayers and worship. View Resource

  • Scriptural Inerrancy Devotional

    Psalm 18:30

    We do not have the original manuscript copies that the Apostles and prophets wrote; however, we can determine what the original text is that they wrote by comparing the various manuscripts that we do have. We can be confident, then, that we have an inerrant Bible in its original languages. We need not fear that the Scriptures have any errors, so we may fully trust these writings. In so doing, we are trusting God Himself. View Resource