• The First And Primary Cause Devotional

    Psalm 14:1a

    It is logically necessary that God exists. Because anything exists, there must be a first, primary cause of all else, and only the self-existent God of Scripture can fill that role. Only Christianity can offer true, ultimate meaning to people because only Christianity reveals to us the first, primary cause of all things. We are blessed to know this God, who gives life and meaning to His people. View Resource

  • God’s Self-Existence Devotional

    Psalm 14:1a

    In the end we find that the assumptions of chance and naturalistic evolution are not sufficient to save the phenomena, to explain reality. In addition to the many natural evidences that contradict such theories, we have also seen how illogical they are. Only a self-existent, personal God for whom non-existence is impossible can adequately explain the design, causality, and personality evident in the universe. Praise the self-existent Creator of all things. View Resource

  • Secularism Devotional

    Psalm 14

    The title of Dr. R.C. Sproul’s Tabletalk column, “Right Now Counts Forever,” is based on the reality of an eternal, good Creator. What we do today counts for tomorrow because the Father has ordained to work through our present decisions,which therefore impacts our eternal destinies. In Christ we are assured of eternal life; yet, even the smallest choices we make impact the degree of our heavenly reward. Is God’s will the basis by which you make even the most “minor” decisions? View Resource

  • The Depth of Our Sin Devotional

    Psalm 14:2-3

    We must remember that we “sin because we are sinners” and not that “we are sinners because we sin.” All of us are born with a nature at enmity with God, and every wicked act we perform flows from our darkened hearts and minds. Only God can change our nature (John 6:65), and the evidence He has done this is a desire to love and to serve Him. Confess your reliance on the Spirit to change you, and if you have never trusted in Jesus, do so today. View Resource