• Our AllŠ-Knowing, All-ŠSeeing Lord Devotional

    Psalm 139:1–12

    There is a point of contact between our knowledge and God’s knowledge. Both we and God, for example, know that the statement “two plus two equals four” is a true statement, that it corresponds to reality. However, the Lord understands perfectly how this truth fits into all other truths about the creation. This is possible only for an infinite being. God is infinitely greater than we are, so let us take care not to think of Him as being exactly like us. View Resource

  • Augustine’s View of Man Devotional

    Psalm 139

    Those who are not Christians still seek understanding based on Christian assumptions. For example, scientists can draw universally applicable conclusions from experiments only by assuming a regularity to how the world operates. Such regularity is possible only if a covenant-keeping Lord upholds all things. A person who claims to be an atheist but is then sure of his own knowledge reveals how hollow his beliefs are. View Resource

  • God’s Loving, Personal Knowledge Devotional

    Psalm 139:13–24

    Our knowledge of God’s character not only encourages us to pray but it also helps keep us from sin. John Calvin writes, “One great reason of the carnal security into which we fall, is our not considering how singularly we were fashioned at first by our Divine Maker.” When we remember how we were singularly made by the Lord, we are more aware that we are His possession, and therefore we are bound to do what is necessary so that we are holy as He is holy (Matt. 5:48). View Resource

  • The Sanctity of Life Devotional

    Psalm 139:13–14

    Some of the women reading this study today may have had an abortion. If so, know that you have been forgiven if you have repented and trusted in Christ alone. As Christians, we are called to uphold the duty to nurture the unborn. We can do this by lobbying our politicians for laws that protect the unborn and by providing for those who think abortion is their only option. Consider giving to a local crisis pregnancy center seeking to prevent abortions. View Resource