• A Commitment to Worship Devotional

    Psalm 132:1–10

    Augustine of Hippo comments on today’s passage: “Dost thou wish to be a place for the Lord? Be thou poor in spirit, and contrite, and trembling at the word of God, and thou wilt thyself be made what thou seekest.” In His grace, God calls us to Himself and chooses to dwell within us. We never have to fear that He will leave us, but we make ourselves vessels that are more fit for His presence as we pursue lives of holiness in faith and repentance. View Resource

  • A Throne and Temple in Zion Devotional

    Psalm 132:11–18

    God’s promises to David are sure, and this is good news for us. Because Christ surely reigns over all creation, we will surely reign with Him as Scripture has told us (2 Tim. 2:12). This means that any defeat that the kingdom of God seems to suffer in this present age is not really a defeat at all. The Lord will reign victorious, and all His and our enemies will acknowledge this reign. In Him we can endure any hardship or attack that we and the rest of His church suffer in the meantime. View Resource