• God on Our Side Devotional

    Psalm 118:1–16

    Augustine of Hippo writes, “From what class soever my enemies may arise, whether from the number of evil men, or from the number of evil angels; in the Lord’s help, unto whom we chant the confession of praise, unto whom we sing Allelujah, they shall be despised.” No foe is too great for the Lord to handle, and so we praise Him in battle, knowing that He will bring the final victory. Do you trust that God is an all-sufficient help in trouble? View Resource

  • The Cornerstone Devotional

    Psalm 118:17–29

    Jesus was rejected by His own nation, but He was exalted and made the cornerstone of God’s people, those whom the Lord is delighted to call His children. Because we are His servants, we will also face rejection from a world that loves the darkness, but because we are in Him, we will also be raised up to rule and reign with Him (2 Tim. 2:12a). When we are rejected for our profession of faith, let us remember that and be encouraged to remain faithful. View Resource