• A Call for God to Remember Devotional

    Psalm 106:1-5

    In his sermon “Fine Pleading,” C.H. Spurgeon says, “Everything a sinner gets must come by favor. It cannot come anyway else, for if you get what you deserve, you will get no love, no mercy, no grace.” In and of ourselves, we deserve only condemna-tion. Blessing comes to us only because we are in Christ. As we remember that great truth, the Spirit will establish in us humility and we will find ourselves growing in thankfulness for the Lord and His work. View Resource

  • A Call for Us to Remember Devotional

    Psalm 106:6-48

    We are a forgetful people who tend to view our record of faithfulness to the Lord as being much better than it actually is. Thus, it is helpful for us not to forget when we have transgressed His law. We do this not to plunge ourselves into despair but to remember the great mercy of God and to be encouraged to serve Him in gratitude for His amazing grace. This day, think on some of your recent sins, repent if you have not yet done so, and thank the Lord for His mercy. View Resource