• Listening with a Discerning Ear Devotional

    Proverbs 18:2

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  • Chance: The Great Myth Devotional

    Proverbs 18:18

    hance has no power to cause anything; it can only measure the likelihood of a future result based on known conditions. When we speak of chance at all, we must always speak of it under the assumption and recognition that everything is foreordained according to God’s sovereign plan (Eph. 1:11). We do not live in a universe governed by blind fate but by the wisdom and goodness of our Creator. View Resource

  • Finding a Spouse Devotional

    Proverbs 18:22

    Whether we are married or single, let us all take the time to get involved with others in our churches. Single people and married couples equally need each other to help them grow in the faith. Perhaps if you are married, there is a way for you to be involved in a singles ministry or college group. Maybe if you are single you can join a Bible study made up of married couples. Married or single, we are all one in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28). View Resource