• Found in Christ Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:1-11

    Paul warned the Philippians about the threat that works-based righteousness poses to the purity of the gospel, and he encouraged them not to trust in their own works, ethnicity, or anything other than the righteousness of Christ. In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols reminds us that the only works that can save us are the works of Christ, which are imputed to us by faith in Him alone. View Resource

  • Getting into Christ Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:2-11

    One of the great mysteries of redemption is the Holy Spirit’s process of transforming enemies of Christ into coheirs with Christ. Few stories in Scripture illustrate this mystery as vividly as the conversion of the Apostle Paul. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson recounts Paul’s conversion by way of Philippians 3 to show how everything in Paul’s life changed when he got out of himself and got into Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Paul’s Life Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:5

    Imagine if you were a first-century Christian meeting the Apostle Paul—or Saul of Tarsus, as he was called by his Jewish name. Instead of admiring him, you likely would have feared him as you faced this violent persecutor of believers. With this fact and other details in mind, we start this study of Paul’s thought with an examination of his life. Why not just jump into his theology? Because, as Dr. Waters affirms, we “can’t separate Paul the theologian from Paul the man, and Scripture certainly does not.” In this lesson, then, we will learn of Saul before his conversion … View Resource

  • That I May Know Him Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:8-14

    In Christian living, Jesus Christ is everything. This is to say, the Christian life should be lived without distractions, maintaining a simple single-mindedness for Him (Phil. 3:8-12). In this session, Sinclair Ferguson shows that our spiritual lives must be radically Christ-centered and thoroughly Christ-saturated. As we follow Christ, we must never become diverted from supreme loyalty to Him. Instead, we must remain firmly fixed in our unwavering devotion to Him. View Resource

  • Confidence in Christ Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:11

    Our union with Christ is at the heart of the glorious gospel, and as Christians, we are called to be united with Him in His sufferings. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols sets our eyes on Christ, our confidence, that we might know His power in suffering. View Resource

  • Pressing On Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:12-14

    Having been justified by faith alone in Christ alone, Christians are not called to passivity for the rest of their lives. Instead, like Paul, they are to press on in service to Christ. In this session, Dr. Steven Lawson explores how we eagerly anticipate our resurrection by holding fast to Christ and leaving sin behind. View Resource