• The Aaronic Blessing Devotional

    Numbers 6:22–27

    Matthew Henry comments on this passage, saying that “we may take the blessing to ourselves, as if our names were inserted.” Think about it, the Lord our God, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen, seeks to bless His people. Everything good that comes your way comes from His hand, and one day, all in Christ will enjoy the splendor of His face. So, do not doubt that the Lord desires to bless you and tell others that His blessing is available to them in Christ. View Resource

  • The Face of Blessing Devotional

    Numbers 6:22-27

    It is impossible for us to be good enough to earn God’s pleasure; that is why faithfulness to His covenant means giving up our attempts to earn His favor and relying on Christ alone for salvation (Gal. 3:15–29). If we are truly in Christ, we will enjoy this divine face of approval forever. Though we may feel His discipline and it might seem as if He has turned from us, He only chastises us to keep us from falling away and never returning. View Resource

  • Gospel Benediction Devotional

    Numbers 6:24-26

    View Resource