• Empowered for Ministry Devotional

    Numbers 11:1-30

    We do not always appreciate the tremendous blessing we have as those who live under the administration of the new covenant. Had we lived under the old covenant, most of us would likely not have been granted a special anointing for ministry. Living under the new covenant, each of us who believes in Christ has been anointed for ministry and given gifts to serve God’s people. We can serve the Lord confidently, knowing that He will use us to advance His kingdom. View Resource

  • Mobilizing the Laity Devotional

    Numbers 11:1–30

    One of the many burdens that church leaders face is the difficulty of recruiting volunteers in the church. Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth to get people to sign up to do the work of ministry. Take some time to look at your church, and see where the needs for ministry are. Then, go volunteer where you can use your gifts in ministry. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Prophecy Devotional

    Numbers 11:16–30

    There are views in the church today that say God is giving new revelation through prophets who can mix in some error as they misunderstand His Word. Such views are to be soundly and fully rejected. God has spoken fully and finally in Christ, and we are in no need of extra revelation. Instead, standing in line with the prophets, we are to proclaim the canonical revelation we do have to each other. View Resource