• Nehemiah Approaches Artaxerxes Devotional

    Nehemiah 2:1-8

    Scripture does not oppose trusting in God and wisely planning our steps. To plan wisely, in fact, is an act of faith, for the Lord has blessed us with godly wisdom in the Scriptures, and to learn from this wisdom and have it shape our practice is one way we trust God. Let us seek to act wisely in all that we do, trusting the Lord for the outcome, and we will grow in wisdom as we study Scripture. View Resource

  • Building Amidst Opposition Devotional

    Nehemiah 2

    Dr. Sproul notes that one of the hardest costs to bear for following Jesus in the modern West is the scorn and ridicule encountered from an unbelieving world. This is the kind of opposition that we are most apt to get in the United States today, and the temptation will always be to change our message so that this scorn goes away. May we never succumb to this temptation, faithfully declaring the gospel of Christ in all generations. View Resource

  • Work on the Wall Begins Devotional

    Nehemiah 2:9-3:32

    God’s plan for the church is that we would be united in one faith and mission, and when this occurs we will not be tossed about by cunning and craftiness but will be a mighty army, conquering His enemies (Eph. 4:1–16). Like the Jews in Nehemiah’s day, the church today can accomplish much good as we are united in truth and love. We are called to pursue unity in the body, and as we do so, the Lord will advance His kingdom through us. View Resource