• Weeping for God’s People Media Resource by

    Nehemiah 1

    You’ve seen the bumper sticker “Pray for Our Nation.” But what are we praying for? When Nehemiah heard the report of the condition of Israel in his day, he prayed. His prayer was for the rebuilding of Israel, of course, but his prayer reflected a quality that many of us are lacking today. Nehemiah’s prayer came from his understanding of a covenant keeping God. In this message, Dr. Sproul looks at Nehemiah’s prayer to find insight for our situation today.  View Resource

  • Building Amidst Opposition Media Resource by

    Nehemiah 2

    As the Kingdom of God advances, can the people of God avoid controversy and opposition? Nehemiah faced many of the same hardships as any leader. If organizing a massive building project were not enough, Nehemiah had to lead the people of Jerusalem in the face of hostile opposition. What’s our lesson from all of this? In “Building Amidst Opposition,” Dr. Sproul considers this as he shows the parallels between the wall building project in Jerusalem and the current one in the church today. View Resource

  • The Test of Personal Hardship Media Resource by

    Nehemiah 4-5

    No one said the Christian life would be easy. What preparations have you made to be ready when personal hardship comes your way? Nehemiah faced many hardships, as does the church today. Thinking of this in this message, Dr. Sproul looks at “The Test of Personal Hardship.” View Resource

  • Vespers Media Resource by

    Nehemiah 8:1-9

    Across America the people of God strive to bring lost people the good news of Jesus Christ. As part of the Great Commission, this is commendable. But our attempts are often misguided as we inadvertently displace the Lord as the center of life in our drive to attract non-believers. Christ-centered preaching has been abandoned for magic formulas promising to deliver our best life now. Ordinary means of grace, like prayer and sacrament, are ignored in favor of marketing to specific audiences. Worship worthy of our majestic Creator is regularly exchanged for mere entertainment. In short, God’s glory … View Resource

  • Cut to the Heart: Awakening in Scripture Media Resource by

    Nehemiah 8:1-12

    Throughout the history of God’s people, the Holy Spirit has moved at specific times in order to bring awakening to His covenant community. This session explores the reality of awakening in biblical history, considering various examples of awakening that occurred during the times of the Apostles and prophets. Some examples include the awakenings under Hezekiah, Josiah, and Nehemiah, and the session also considers the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2) as an example of awakening. View Resource

  • Always Reforming Media Resource by

    Nehemiah 13:1-18

    A short-sighted diagnosis leads to treatment of the symptoms only, while ignoring the root cause of them. Nehemiah knew this, and when he saw the walls of Jerusalem destroyed and the gates burned, he saw past the rubble to a bigger problem that lay behind where the walls once stood. In this concluding message of the series on “The Book of Nehemiah,” Dr. Sproul gives us some essential lessons for the church today.  View Resource