• Giving with Discretion Devotional

    Matthew 6:1–4

    Augustine says, “The praise of others need not even be sought by one who acts rightly” (Sermon on the Mount, 2.2.5). Keeping track of our giving is not inconsistent with the Lord’s admonition that we do not let our right hand know what the left one is doing. Yet we are not to keep track so that we may show others just how good we are. As you give your money to the poor, ask yourself if you desire the praise of men more than God’s commendation. View Resource

  • Praying Without Preaching Devotional

    Matthew 6:5–8

    We pray “not to inform God or instruct him but to beseech him closely, to be made intimate with him, by continuance in supplication; to be humbled; to be reminded of our sins” (John Chrysostom, Homilies on the Gospel of Saint Matthew, 19.4). Private prayer helps conform us to Christ. How much time do you spend praying in private? If you pray in public more than you do in private, you might be more concerned with how others see you than with how God sees you. View Resource

  • The Disciples’ Prayer Devotional

    Matthew 6:9–15

    Lack of forgiveness, we learn in today’s passage, may prove a lack of faith. No matter how hard it may be to forgive others, we simply cannot call ourselves followers of Christ if we do not forgive those who have offended us. Few of us find it easy to pardon those who have hurt us, but pardon them we must. Are you nursing a grudge or thoughts of revenge against another person this day? If so, you have not forgiven him. Go and forgive him today. View Resource

  • The Meaning of Holiness Devotional

    Matthew 6:9–13

    How do you feel when the name of the Lord is taken in vain? Do you shudder in fear for those who do so, or has this common sacrilege become unnoticeable to you? Perhaps you are guilty of profaning His name in speech or in how you come before Him in worship? Consider how you may have taken God’s name in vain recently. Pray that you would not blaspheme Him and encourage your friends to revere His glorious name in thought, word, and deed. View Resource

  • The Model Prayer Devotional

    Matthew 6:9–13

    What do you prioritize in prayer? Do you ask first for the hallowing of God’s name and the extension of His visible kingdom, or do you focus only on your own needs? The Lord’s Prayer shows us that we should pray for the extension of God’s kingdom above all else. Take some time today to pray that God’s name would be honored as holy and that sinners would repent and start doing His will. View Resource

  • Kingdom-Focused Prayer Devotional

    Matthew 6:9-13

    Praying for God’s kingdom to come does not mean we must literally say “God, may your kingdom come.” When we pray for the conversion of others, we are praying for them to bow willingly to His rule; thus we are praying for His kingdom to come. In asking God to supply funds for the church’s teaching ministry, we are praying for people to learn His way and thus for His kingdom to come. Today, how might we pray for the kingdom to come? View Resource

  • The Meaning of Holiness Devotional

    Matthew 6:9-13

    In Christ we become friends of God (John 15:12–15; James 2:23), but this is no casual friendship like we have with other human beings. The Lord is to be treated reverently by His friends, and if we do not regard His dignity and majesty, then we are not truly His friends. God is our friend, but He is not our pal, and we must take care in how we approach Him. He is worthy of all honor and glory, so may we never forget that. View Resource

  • Praying for God’s Will to Be Done Devotional

    Matthew 6:10b

    It is not wrong to do God’s will because it is our duty to obey Him. However, God wants us to be content with His will, to seek to do His will not merely out of duty but because we are delighted to follow His commandments. By His grace, over the course of our lives, He makes us increasingly willing to obey Him even when it is hard. Let us pray that He would make us willing to do His will this day. View Resource

  • Your Will Be Done Devotional

    Matthew 6:10

    The Father’s ultimate, decretive will is always done. However, this should not stop us from coming before Him in prayer and asking Him to move in a certain way. God truly responds to His people, and He uses our requests to accomplish His purposes. When you pray, do so earnestly and believe that the Father does listen and move in response to prayer. Know that when you pray for another to do His will, He may use that prayer to save their soul. View Resource

  • Praying for Our Needs Devotional

    Matthew 6:11

    As sinners, we are not owed anything by the Lord, not even the bread we eat every day. Asking God to provide us with our daily bread helps us remember His grace not only in saving us from sin but also in meeting our physical needs. May we ever be aware of the Lord’s sustaining hand, and may we seek Him daily for every need. View Resource

  • Praying for God’s Forgiveness Devotional

    Matthew 6:12

    When others come to us for forgiveness and ask for our pardon, we must forgive them. We cannot continue to hold their sin against them or harbor bitterness in our hearts toward them. Insofar as we are able, we are to pursue reconciliation. But we are not to do this by ignoring justice. Forgiving others and seeking justice for them if they have harmed others are not incompatible. View Resource

  • Deliver Us from Evil Devotional

    Matthew 6:13

    Satan is called the accuser of the brethren (Rev. 12:10) because he likes to make us feel as if God has not forgiven us. But guilt is an objective reality, and if we have turned to Jesus, we have been cleansed — objectively, truly, and in reality. If you think the Lord holds your past against you, pray for deliverance from the evil one and know that you are forgiven. Pray also for Christian brothers and sisters who are having trouble embracing the Father’s mercy. View Resource

  • Praying for God’s Protection Devotional

    Matthew 6:13

    God will not allow Satan to snatch any of His children out of His hand, and one of the ways by which He keeps us in His hand is in our prayers for perseverance. We pray for the Lord to protect us from Satan so that we may do God’s will and so that we will press on and remain faithful to Him in all times of testing. Let us pray daily for protection from the devil and for the grace to remain faithful to Christ. View Resource

  • Fasting in Secret Devotional

    Matthew 6:17-18

    Fasting is extremely beneficial to our spiritual growth and our prayer lives. Going without food helps reminds us how much we depend on God for our sustenance and, indeed, for all things. This helps us seek Him fervently, for we know that the only hope we have to see our loved ones saved and our lives changed is through His working. Consider taking some time to fast and pray this week so that you may know what it means to rely wholly on the Lord. View Resource

  • Serving One Master Alone Devotional

    Matthew 6:19–24

    Money itself is not evil, for it is possible to be wealthy and serve God. However, it is all too easy for us to think we are serving God when we are really serving the “stuff” of this world. The Lord gives us possessions to enjoy, but the first and best of all that we own belongs to Him. Make sure that you are offering up the first and best of all you have and not giving unto God only after you have first blessed yourself. View Resource