• Hard Hearts and Divorce Devotional

    Matthew 19:1–8

    John Calvin says that God “did not lay down a law about divorces, so as to give them the seal of his approbation, but as the wickedness of men could not be restrained in any other way, he applied what was the most admissible remedy.” Many of God’s laws are concessions to contain the effects of sin, and we should be grateful that in His grace the Lord seeks to mitigate the damaging power of evil. May our deeds be pure so that their effects never need to be contained. View Resource

  • Reading the Bible Holistically Devotional

    Matthew 19:1–9

    Understanding any one portion of Scripture correctly demands that we read it in the context of all of Scripture. That is why it is so important for us to be whole-Bible Christians. We must diligently study all that God has revealed, not limiting ourselves only to select books and passages of the Bible. Let us endeavor to study the whole counsel of God, growing in our knowledge of all of Scripture over the course of our lives. View Resource

  • The Sanctity of Marriage Devotional

    Matthew 19:3–9

    The church must protect the offended party in a divorce. When marriage laws are wisely applied, biblical divorces enable the innocent party to remarry with a clean conscience. Disciplining the offender will also help God’s people better reflect the divine intent for marriage. If you are an elder, do not be afraid to exercise discipline in this area. If you are married, seek to strengthen your marriage by reading a book on the topic or attending a couples retreat. View Resource

  • Divorce and Remarriage Devotional

    Matthew 19:9

    Our emotions can get in the way of biblical decision-making. We therefore need an outside perspective to help us discern how to deal with troubled relationships. Pastors and elders, who are called to look out for our spiritual well-being, must deal wisely with troubled couples, taking into account the situation in order to apply God’s Word correctly. Life-changing decisions cannot be made independently, they must be made within the church. View Resource

  • Eunuchs for the Kingdom Devotional

    Matthew 19:10–12

    Single believers like Daniel and Paul as well as married believers such as Abraham and Peter have been used mightily of the Lord to advance His purposes. Knowing this to be true, our churches should be places where both singles and married couples are equally valued and given opportunities to serve in the congregation. If you serve as a leader in your church, do what you can to encourage both married couples and singles to take part in ministry. View Resource

  • Jesus and the Children Devotional

    Matthew 19:13–15

    Dr. R.C. Sproul often notes the difference between childishness and childlikeness. Believers must be childlike in that they trust and believe God without hesitation, just like little kids trust their parents. However, Christians cannot be childish, never having anything more than an elementary knowledge of the faith. Young and old alike must be growing in their knowledge of God, trusting Him like a child while maturing in their doctrinal comprehension. View Resource

  • A Man Who Loved Riches Devotional

    Matthew 19:16–22

    Even though not every Christian is called to sell all his possessions, one commentator has helpfully noted that those who find comfort that this call is not universal are precisely those to whom Jesus would issue it! As citizens of the wealthiest culture to ever appear on the planet, we Westerners must be perpetually careful that our standard of living is not our idol. What comforts would Jesus have you surrender for the sake of His kingdom? View Resource

  • The Trouble with Riches Devotional

    Matthew 19:23–24

    John Calvin writes that Jesus’ proverb “is highly useful to all; to the rich, that, being warned of their danger, they may be on their guard; to the poor, that, satisfied with their lot, they may not so eagerly desire what would bring more damage than gain.” Even if we do not hold vast riches, our culture tempts us to believe that the pursuit of wealth (otherwise known as “upward mobility”)is the be-all and end-all of life. May we never believe this soul-damning lie. View Resource

  • God’s Omnipotent Grace Devotional

    Matthew 19:25–26

    James Boice writes: “The only way anyone will ever be saved is if God operates entirely apart from us and for his own good pleasure” (The Gospel According to Matthew, vol. 2, p. 410). We are tempted to look at our own efforts for our salvation and to believe that all “good people” will be saved, no matter their religious affiliation. It is therefore vital to constantly remind ourselves that none of us would love and serve God apart from His grace. View Resource

  • Rewards for Discipleship Devotional

    Matthew 19:27–30

    Any reward that God gives us is by His grace, for He is the one who prepares good works for us and enables us to do them (Eph. 2:8–10). Because it is all by His grace, we should never arrogantly demand that He bless us, but neither should we never expect a reward in this life. Take time today to think on the blessings of Christian friends, your church family, and other such things in this present age. Make sure to thank the Father for all of these rewards. View Resource