• A Bruised Reed Media Resource by

    Matthew 12:15-21

    We don’t have to look beyond our own churches to see Christians fighting amongst themselves over all kinds of issues. What is the proper way to respond to Christian brothers and sisters when we are in disagreement with them? Should we treat everyone in the church the same? In this message entitled “A Bruised Reed,” Dr. Sproul teaches us about the judgement of charity as we seek to maintain peace and unity within the church. View Resource

  • Richard Sibbes Media Resource by

    Matthew 12:20

    In this lesson, we will study Richard Sibbes (1577–1635), the Puritan once called the “heavenly doctor” due to his preaching and way of life. Izaak Walton said of Sibbes, “Of this blest man, let this just praise be given: heaven was in him, before he was in heaven.” He clearly enjoyed knowing God, and his relish is still infectious to those who read Sibbes today. He emphasized the idea of becoming like God through knowing and loving Him more. Sibbes himself experienced the transformation of God in his preaching, writing, and life. Sibbes never married, but he possessed a truly … View Resource

  • The Sin Without Pardon Media Resource by

    Matthew 12:22-32

    Jesus Christ warns us about a sin that is without pardon. This being true, does that mean that all of the believer’s sins were not nailed to the cross? Is there a sin that a believer will not have forgiven? Dr. Sproul discusses these questions in this message, as he teaches about “The Sin Without Pardon.” View Resource

  • The Unpardonable Sin Media Resource by

    Matthew 12:31-32

    Jesus cautioned the religious leaders of His day against blaspheming the Holy Spirit. He warned them that it was not only a sin to blaspheme the Spirit of God, but the nature of this particular kind of blasphemy makes it an unpardonable sin. What does Jesus’ warning mean to Christians whose sins have been nailed to the Cross? Answering this question in this message, Dr. Sproul looks into the nature of “The Unpardonable Sin.” View Resource

  • The Unpardonable Sin, Part 1 Media Resource by

    Matthew 12:31-32

    View Resource