• The Role of Tradition Devotional

    Mark 7:1–4

    Human traditions, including the church’s reflection on the Word of God, can be helpful. However, they must never be elevated to the status of divine revelation. When that happens, we become ensnared in legalism and cannot be reformed by Scripture. Let us appreciate tradition where it is helpful, but let us never elevate it to the status of divine revelation. View Resource

  • Scripture Alone Devotional

    Mark 7:1-13

    We must be ever-vigilant lest we abandon the principle of sola Scriptura. To say that a passage in Scripture is not true because we do not understand or agree with it is to violate Scripture’s final authority. Legalism, the imposition of extrabiblical rules upon God’s people likewise evidences the refusal to recognize the ultimate authority of the Bible. When we do not obey the Word of God we are implicitly saying that Scripture has no authority over us. View Resource

  • Prophetic and Apostolic Tradition Devotional

    Mark 7:5–8

    It is easy to condemn the Pharisees for their traditions, but as Dr. R.C. Sproul notes in his commentary Mark, “The temptation to add to God’s law is not unique to the Pharisees. We have to deal with it every day in the Christian life.” We are called, therefore, to measure our beliefs and actions against Scripture. Doing so will help us obey the Lord more faithfully and help keep us from becoming legalists. View Resource

  • Making Void the Word of God Devotional

    Mark 7:9–13

    Matthew Henry comments that “it is the mischief of impositions, that too often they who are zealous for them, have little zeal for the essential duties of religion, but can contentedly see them laid aside.” Like the Pharisees, we can be obsessed with good but optional things (giving extra gifts to the temple) in a way that makes us break God’s law. Let us have zeal for God’s law, but let us not let it develop into legalism that makes us break it. View Resource

  • The Source of Defilement Devotional

    Mark 7:14–19

    God is not primarily concerned about external matters; He is most concerned about our hearts. External actions often manifest inner realities, but it is also true that we can act in a way that does not match the true thoughts of our hearts. As followers of Christ, we are to be concerned that we not only do the right things but that we do them for the right reason—the glory of God. View Resource

  • Evil in Heart Devotional

    Mark 7:20–23

    We cannot excuse external acts of sin by saying our heart was in the right place, for when one’s heart is in the right place, one does not sin externally. Nevertheless, we must recognize that sin and holiness are fundamentally issues of the heart. Anyone can fake holiness before other men and women, but God is never fooled. Let us pray that our hearts would continue to be cleansed so that we might walk in true holiness before the Lord. View Resource

  • Jesus Visits Tyre and Sidon Devotional

    Mark 7:24–26

    That Jesus went into a region that would have been expected to be hostile to Him is instructive to us. We are not to avoid those persons who appear to be most unlikely to believe the gospel. Instead, we must preach to them as well, trusting in the Lord to change their hearts. We must preach the gospel to all people, not just those whom we see as most likely to believe in Jesus. View Resource

  • The Faith of a Gentile Woman Devotional

    Mark 7:27–30

    In today’s passage, the Syrophoenician woman is happy to get the “crumbs of the kingdom.” Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark: “The good news is that in the overflow of mercy and grace that comes to us from the hands of God, though we should be satisfied with crumbs, He is not satisfied with giving us crumbs. He has lavished His grace on us.” View Resource

  • Healing a Deaf Man Devotional

    Mark 7:31–35

    The Gospels do not always give all the reasons why Jesus acted in the way that He did, but we do not need to know all of that information in order to trust Christ. It is enough for us to know that He is the Son of God incarnate and that even when He does things that seem perplexing, His wisdom governs all. We can trust Him even when He does things that we do not understand. View Resource

  • The Crowd’s Response to Jesus Devotional

    Mark 7:36–37

    Although the people of the Decapolis should have obeyed the Lord, they were certainly correct that Jesus does all things well. We witness to this truth every time we thank the Lord for His good gifts and enjoy His creation. Let us never fail to ascribe glory to God for His works, for He does all things well indeed. View Resource