• A Prophet without Honor Devotional

    Mark 6:1-4

    John Calvin comments, “It is not mere ignorance that hinders men, but that, of their own accord, they search after grounds of offense, to prevent them from following the path to which God invites.” People do not fail to believe Christ because of lack of information but because their hearts are hard. The Lord must awaken the hearts of unbelievers, or they will not be converted. That is why we pray for Him to change the hearts of sinners. View Resource

  • Jesus Walks on Water Devotional

    Mark 6::47–52

    One commentator notes that merely being with Jesus is not enough to create faith in our hearts. This is clear from Jesus’ ministry, for Judas betrayed our Lord even after He had been with Him for years. The only hope for sinners is a heart transplant, for God to take out our hearts of stone that refuse to believe and to give us hearts of flesh that beat with faith in Christ (Ezek. 36:26). As we pray for others, let us ask God to give them what they most need: new hearts. View Resource

  • The Obstacle of Unbelief Devotional

    Mark 6:5-6

    Our sovereign Lord heals according to His will. That means faith is not an absolute condition for divine healing. Although God often heals those who trust that He will do so, sometimes He chooses not to heal those who have faith and to heal those who do not believe. We must trust in His sovereign goodness in these matters, knowing that in the new heaven and earth, God’s people will have no more sickness or trials to endure. View Resource

  • Jesus Sends out the Twelve Devotional

    Mark 6:7-13

    The action of Jesus’ disciples’ shaking the dust off of their feet did not symbolize that everyone who rejected them was at that moment irrevocably doomed. Since the people would have understood the action as marking them off as unclean, it would give them something to think about. We must consistently warn people of the wrath of God even when they reject us. Later, they may think on that warning, and God may use it to bring them to faith. View Resource

  • The Allure of Holiness Devotional

    Mark 6:14–16

    Even the most ardent skeptics are quick to admit that Jesus is a compelling figure. That is not enough for salvation, however, for people must also trust in Christ if they are to be saved. Moreover, they must do so right away if they are to be saved. Tomorrow may not come, so we must believe on Him today to be received into His kingdom. View Resource

  • Confronting Public Sins Devotional

    Mark 6:17–19a

    Under the terms of the new covenant, the church is not to exercise the state’s calling to bear the sword against evildoers. That does not mean, however, that the church is to be silent when it comes to politics and national leadership. In a spirit of humility, the church is to preach against the sins of the state and call both leaders and citizens to repentance. View Resource

  • Herod’s Discernment Devotional

    Mark 6:19b–20

    Because sinners remain the image of God, they can still be reached with the truth of God. Only if the Spirit changes the hearts of those who read and hear God’s Word will they be converted. However, we can be confident that the truth of God’s Word will get through regardless of whether they become followers of Christ. We do not have to change the gospel to make people recognize its truth. All we need to do is faithfully proclaim it. View Resource

  • Herod’s Unlawful Oath Devotional

    Mark 6:21–29

    We should not delay keeping the oaths and vows that we have made. However, that applies only to lawful oaths and vows. Oaths and vows made to commit sin are not to be kept. Instead, we should repent for making a sinful vow and then pursue righteousness. Such repentance is evidence of the work of God’s Spirit in our lives. View Resource

  • Sheep without a Shepherd Devotional

    Mark 6:30–34

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark, “When Jesus set out to feed His sheep, He taught them.” As the Good Shepherd, Jesus fulfills His vocation by instructing us in divine truth. All those who would shepherd His people as pastors and teachers must do the same. May our teachers feed us the solid food of God’s Word, and let us sit under only those who are committed to the truth of Scripture. View Resource

  • Five Thousand Men Fed Devotional

    Mark 6:35–44

    It is certainly worth noting that Jesus cared enough for the crowd to make sure that their physical needs were met. Yet, we must not overlook the theological significance of the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. The miracles of Jesus meet the needs of people, but they do much more. They reveal Him as having been sent by God for our salvation. View Resource

  • The Prayer Life of Jesus Devotional

    Mark 6:45–46

    Jesus is more than a model of faithfulness to God, but He is certainly not less than that. Thus, we learn from Him that when we are faced with temptation and need sustenance in life and ministry, we must turn to God in prayer. If we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and call on Him for help, He will surely lift us up and sustain us (1 Peter 5:6). View Resource

  • Healings in Gennesaret Devotional

    Mark 6:53–56

    We must take care not to view Jesus merely as a miracle-worker whose purpose is always to restore us physically. Nevertheless, we must believe that Christ can heal us when we seek His face. Of course, He has the sovereign right to determine whom, when, and how He will heal, but make no mistake, Jesus can and often does heal us when we ask Him to do so. View Resource