• The Gerasene Demoniac Devotional

    Mark 5:1–5

    Satan goes after human beings not because we are worthy in ourselves of his attention, but because he hates God. He wants to deface and destroy anything that reflects the Lord. We know, however, that the devil can do no final harm on God’s people. He can throw his worst at us, but if we are united to Christ, God will put Satan finally under our feet. View Resource

  • Jesus Confronts Legion Devotional

    Mark 5:6-10

    John Calvin comments on this episode, “It was a magnificent display of the power of Christ, that by his voice not one devil, but a great multitude of devils, were suddenly driven out.” That Jesus could cast out so many demons shows that He was more than a mere man. Rather, He was—and remains—God. We can trust Him to break spiritual oppression and preserve us forever in His kingdom. View Resource

  • Legion Destroys Some Swine Devotional

    Mark 5:11-13

    Scripture exhorts us to care for animals and not to be cruel to them. Even so, the Bible never puts the worth of animals on the same level as the worth of humanity. We “are of more value than many sparrows” (Matt. 10:31). That fact must be kept in mind in our ethical discussions. When people start putting a value on animal life equal to or higher than the value they put on human life, something is seriously wrong with the culture. View Resource

  • Afraid of Jesus Devotional

    Mark 5:14-17

    Fallen people reject God not because they do not know His power. Instead, they reject Him because all they know is His power and purity. People who have no apprehension of the extent of His goodness, which is displayed in His extension of mercy to repentant men and women, tremble in terror because unholiness cannot bear the presence of holiness. But if we are in Christ, we have been forgiven and can stand before God in safety. View Resource

  • A Witness to the Decapolis Devotional

    Mark 5:18-20

    One day we will see the Lord face-to-face and enjoy His presence forever. Until then, we have been commissioned to preach the gospel and declare God’s saving grace to the nations. This mission is for us all, though in God’s providence, each of us has a different part to play. In obeying Him and carrying out our role in this mission, we demonstrate our gratitude to the Lord. View Resource

  • Jarius Comes to Jesus Devotional

    Mark 5:21-24a

    We should never fear that God is too busy with the needs of others to pay attention to us. Even when our needs seem insignificant in comparison to the needs of others, the Lord still cares and listens to our cries. We can go before Him in prayer confident that He knows our needs and wants to meet them according to His will. View Resource

  • The Divine Nature of Christ Devotional

    Mark 5:21–43

    Other religions might say they respect Christ for being a good prophet or moral teacher, but Scripture will not allow us to stop there. Jesus is also truly God and worthy of our worship. To be a servant of Christ is to worship Christ as the incarnate Creator. Let us share the truth of His deity with those who claim to respect our Savior. View Resource

  • A Healing in the Crowd Devotional

    Mark 5:24b-29

    When we first come to faith in Christ, our theology may be filled with many errors. Over time as God matures us, however, these errors are corrected, and we grow in our knowledge of what is true and right. Let us seek this Christian maturity so that we would have a greater apprehension of God and His promises. View Resource

  • The Compassion Of Christ Devotional

    Mark 5:30-34

    Scripture reveals to us that God is all-powerful, but it also shows us that this power is tempered with tenderness toward those who trust Him. If we have been reconciled to the Lord through Christ, we discover that God is not only a powerful being but also a loving Father. He will discipline us, but that is because He loves us, and His discipline is always informed by His tender care for His children. View Resource

  • The Laugh of Unbelief Devotional

    Mark 5:35-40a

    The type of persevering faith to which we are called is the faith that keeps its eyes on God and His promises. Unbelief scoffs at the Lord’s claims, but His people know that there is nothing surer than His Word. If you are facing impossible circumstances, ask the Lord to continue granting you the gift of persevering faith. If you are not facing a severe trial this day, pray that the Lord would sustain your trust if and when one comes. View Resource

  • Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter Devotional

    Mark 5:40b-43

    By His Word, Christ brings life to those who are dead, enslaved to sin and Satan. If we place our confidence in anything else besides His Word, we are trusting in something that cannot bring salvation. There is no “secret method” for growing the church and seeing people believe in Christ; rather, the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God is what the Lord uses to build His church. View Resource