• The Rolled-Back Stone Devotional

    Mark 16:1–4

    The women went to the tomb while not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Often, we also go about our days the same way. Yet, as we serve a God who loves to delight us by surprising us with good things, we sometimes find good from His hand that we have not expected. The women experienced this at the tomb, and they feared God. Let us honor and fear the Lord when He intervenes in an unexpected and powerful way. View Resource

  • The Common Act of Resurrection Devotional

    Mark 16:5–7

    Because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all have the same essence, they must work in common toward creation. One person of the Trinity is not more powerful than another, nor is any divine work the exclusive act of just one person. Thus, all three persons are equally worthy of our worship, and we will spend eternity glorying in and worshiping the Holy Trinity. View Resource

  • The Mass and Christology Devotional

    Mark 16:6

    Transubstantiation confuses the divine and human natures of Jesus, giving His human body the ability to be in more than one place at a time. This is an attribute that only the divine nature possesses. In confusing Christ’s two natures, we get a Savior who is neither truly human nor truly divine but rather a heretofore unknown combination of Creator and creature. But a Jesus who is not truly human and truly divine cannot save us. What we believe about the Lord’s Supper truly matters. View Resource

  • Fearful Women Devotional

    Mark 16:8

    Our actions tend to reveal what we really believe, so if we believe Christ has been raised from the dead, we must tell the world. And we tell the world by telling those with whom we have personal contact about Jesus and supporting the work of the church to make disciples of all nations. Are you sharing the good news of Jesus’ resurrection? Are you giving to and praying for the task of world missions? View Resource

  • The Preservation of Scripture Devotional

    Mark 16:9–11

    The New Testament is better preserved than any other ancient book. We can be confident that we have the message God revealed to the Apostles because of the number and quality of the New Testament manuscripts. New discoveries always confirm that we have the text of the Apostles. That should be expected, for our faithful God will preserve His Word. We can trust it for sure guidance in all areas of faith and life. View Resource

  • Appearances of the Resurrected Lord Devotional

    Mark 16:12–13

    When God determines to save someone, nothing can stop Him, not even the person’s “free will.” The Lord effectively persuades all those whom He has chosen, regenerating them by His Spirit, giving them the gift of faith, and working in them so that they will persevere. Our salvation is not ultimately in our hands, which enables us to be confident as we serve Him, knowing that our failures cannot inhibit the advance of His kingdom. View Resource

  • Commissioning the Disciples Devotional

    Mark 16:14–15

    Many Christians go through periods of doubt and think that this makes them unable to serve the Lord or to be used by Him to do great things. We dare not believe such untruths, however. What matters is whether we trust Christ in the present. If we trust Him today, He can use us for the good of His kingdom no matter how we have failed in the past. View Resource

  • An Unusual Text Devotional

    Mark 16:15-20

    View Resource

  • Salvation or Condemnation Devotional

    Mark 16:16

    Believing the gospel is a matter of eternal life or eternal death. Following Jesus in a life of obedience does not save us, but it proves whether we have faith (James 2:14–26). Thus, we must believe and be baptized (Mark 16:16). If you trust Jesus but have not been baptized, get baptized as soon as possible. If you have been baptized, remember that you are set apart from the world to trust Jesus and follow His way. View Resource

  • Apostolic Signs and Wonders Devotional

    Mark 16:17–18

    John Calvin writes, “Miracles were promised only for a time, in order to give luster to the gospel, while it was new and in a state of obscurity.” Miracles confirm that those who claim to be giving divine revelation are actually from God, and once this revelation has been given, miracles are no longer needed. But God continues to intervene supernaturally in His creation, so we pray for the sick and believe the Lord is able to heal them. View Resource

  • Ascension and Session Devotional

    Mark 16:19

    Christians are called to be good citizens who pay their taxes and pray for their political leaders (Rom. 13:1–7; 1 Tim. 2:1–2). But only One deserves unquestioned allegiance—Jesus Christ. Let us resolve in our hearts now that we will serve Him as Lord of all so that we will be prepared to stand if we must ever suffer for our faith. View Resource

  • The Gospel Goes Forth Devotional

    Mark 16:20

    When God saves His people, He equips them to preach the gospel according to their abilities where they find themselves. The gospel message is not something we can keep to ourselves, but we must proclaim the lordship of Christ to our children, our spouses, our friends, our family, and our communities. Let us pray for boldness to preach the gospel, and let us make disciples where God has called us. View Resource