• The Olivet Discourse Devotional

    Mark 13:1–4

    Difficult passages such as Mark 13 show us that we need to be careful when we read and interpret the Bible. Particularly with difficult passages, we must not jump to conclusions hastily, but we must think about the text thoroughly so as to avoid coming to the wrong idea about a passage. Let us study diligently, pray for God’s help in interpreting the Bible, and examine how other texts interpret the harder ones. View Resource

  • The Importance of Prophecy Devotional

    Mark 13:1-23

    Prophecy is important. It shows God’s control over history, in that what He predicts does come to pass. Take care not to “throw the baby out with the bath water” when rightly rejecting the fantasies of some prophecy teachers today. View Resource

  • False Messiahs, Wars, and Natural Disasters Devotional

    Mark 13:5–8

    That Jesus said false messiahs and natural disasters were only the beginning of the signs of Jerusalem’s end cautions us about drawing too many conclusions when we see such things in our own day. Natural disasters and false prophets are not necessarily signs that the final judgment is around the corner. Let us not read too much into the events around us, but let us be faithful to proclaim the gospel, for we do not know when Christ’s final return will be. View Resource

  • Bearing Witness to Christ Devotional

    Mark 13:9–10

    Today’s passage, while it had an immediate fulfillment two thousand years ago, continues to have relevance for us today. It shows us that faithfulness to Christ may lead to our arrest and trial before the governing authorities. Are you prepared to be faithful to Jesus even if it might mean suffering before earthly rulers? View Resource

  • Enduring to the End Devotional

    Mark 13:11–13

    Even today, in many parts of the world, professing Christians betray believers to the governing authorities. We do not know what the future may bring, but we do know that God’s grace will sustain His people. Let us pray that we would never betray another Christian and that we would have the wisdom to rely only on divine grace. View Resource

  • An Abomination in the Temple Devotional

    Mark 13:14–20

    The temple in Jerusalem may no longer be standing, but that does not mean that desecrating holy things is now impossible. Throughout history, heretics have sometimes attained leadership or other positions of influence in Christ’s church, corrupting people with their abominable doctrines. Let us be on guard that these wolves do not slip in undiscovered. View Resource

  • False Signs and Wonders Devotional

    Mark 13:21–23

    The truth of a teacher’s words is determined not by the feats he can perform but by the orthodoxy of what he teaches. We are never to follow anyone who perverts the truth of God’s Word, no matter how gifted that person is, how large of an organization that person commands, or how amazing that person’s work seems to be. View Resource

  • Signs in the Heavens Devotional

    Mark 13:24–26

    Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead, but that does not mean every passage that might seem to predict that event is actually talking about the second coming of Christ. We must be careful Bible students, seeking to build our doctrines only on those passages that actually teach them. In so doing, we will be able to defend our beliefs with the Word of God whenever someone asks us about our faith. View Resource

  • Within a Generation Devotional

    Mark 13:27–31

    Since the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, the gospel has borne most of its fruit among the Gentiles. That does not mean, however, that the Lord has abandoned the Jews. He has His elect people distributed among both Jews and Gentiles, so our missions efforts should be directed to making disciples of both the Jews and the Gentiles. Let us do what we can to support the task of taking the gospel to all peoples. View Resource

  • The Call to Stay Awake Devotional

    Mark 13:32–37

    How do we prepare ourselves for the second coming of Christ? The answer is relatively simple: we must make sure that we belong to Jesus as His redeemed people, as His disciples. If you are not a Christian, you will not be ready for the Lord’s return. Repent and trust Jesus alone this day. If you are a believer, seek to be a fruitful disciple that you might hear Christ’s words of commendation when He comes again. View Resource