• The Unquenchable Fire of Hell Devotional

    Mark 9:43–50

    Hell is a reality that’s perhaps painful for us to think about, so from one perspective it is understandable that we do not often like to talk about it. However, we must not view things from our perspective but from God’s perspective. He calls us to preach the reality of hell—the bad news—so that people might understand how much they need the good news of the gospel. Let us not neglect hell as we tell other people about Jesus. View Resource

  • The One-Flesh Union Devotional

    Mark 10:1–9

    As we will see in our study of Mark 10:10–12, God does permit divorce in certain situations. That does not mean, however, that applying His commandments regarding marriage and divorce is a simple matter. This is where we need the help of good and godly pastors and elders who know God’s Word, seek to protect the innocent, and are concerned for justice. View Resource

  • When God Allows Divorce Devotional

    Mark 10:10–12

    As we have seen, God permitted divorce in this fallen world to protect injured spouses. However, just as the innocent person in a biblically permissible divorce is not required to stay married when he or she is sinned against, neither is he or she required to seek a divorce when sinned against. Making the right decision depends on studying God’s Word and receiving much godly counsel. View Resource

  • Receiving the Kingdom Like a Child Devotional

    Mark 10:13–16

    Augustus Toplady’s hymn “Rock of Ages” includes this line: “Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.” These lyrics wonderfully encapsulate Jesus’ teaching in Mark 10:13–16. We come into the kingdom only by admitting that we have nothing to give, that all we can do is rely on Christ for grace and forgiveness. But once we are in the kingdom, we continue to come to Him admitting the same things. We never lose our need to depend wholly on Jesus. View Resource

  • The Goodness Of God Devotional

    Mark 10:17–18

    Many non-Christians are content to see Jesus as a good teacher, but they say more than they know when they call Him good. He is truly and inherently good because He is God incarnate. As we hear others who are not believers refer to Jesus as a good teacher, let us encourage them to consider why they see Him as good—because He is actually God Himself. View Resource

  • The Power of Riches Devotional

    Mark 10:17-22

    This man claimed to want eternal life and was willing to do much to gain it. But he wanted his wealth even more. Enjoy your earthly blessings, but guard your heart against the siren call of materialism and wealth. Accept by faith Jesus’ promise that treasure in heaven is far more valuable than anything this earth can afford us. View Resource

  • The Rich Young Ruler Devotional

    Mark 10:17–22

    Not all of us will be asked to sell everything that we have, but all of us are commanded to set aside any idol that may be present in our lives. We must all give up relying on our own efforts to earn salvation and instead embrace the grace that alone can redeem us from the curse of sin and death. Do you depend absolutely on the Lord for redemption? Think of the ways you have not loved God with your whole heart and confess your need of Him alone to save you. View Resource

  • Overestimating Obedience Devotional

    Mark 10:19–22

    As fallen people, we tend to overestimate our faithfulness to the Lord and to rely on our works for our right standing before God. But the gospel—and our consciences—tell us that we cannot do enough or be good enough to merit the kingdom. As we grow in Christ, we will be more honest before the Lord about our sin and how short we fall of His glory. Are you growing in honesty about your sin before God? View Resource

  • The Difficulty of Entering the Kingdom Devotional

    Mark 10:23–25

    Wise Christians understand that wealth brings with it certain temptations. The wealthier we are, the more we may be prone to look for security in our riches and not in Christ. Thus, Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark, “The wealth with which we have been blessed by God can become a snare to us, so we need to think about the eye of the needle and take stock every now and then of where our hearts are.” View Resource

  • The Necessity of Divine Grace Devotional

    Mark 10:26–27

    In one of his expositions of today’s passage, C.H. Spurgeon writes, “It is impossible for man, unaided by the Spirit of God, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but that which is impossible to man by himself, is made possible by the Grace and power of God!” Every conversion is evidence of the omnipotent grace of the Lord. He alone can bring salvation, and we trust in Him alone to save sinners and to preserve them in His grace. View Resource

  • The Rewards of Discipleship Devotional

    Mark 10:28–30

    Although we should not follow Jesus simply to get earthly or heavenly blessings, Scripture nevertheless holds out rewards as one motivation for obeying Christ. On those days when the cost of discipleship seems not worth paying, let us remember that Jesus promises great blessings to those who follow Him. In being willing to lose all for Christ, we will end up gaining everything. View Resource

  • The Right-Side-Up Kingdom Devotional

    Mark 10:31

    Servanthood, the willingness to put the needs of others before ourselves, trusting not in our own strength, maintaining our integrity—these are the values of God’s right-side-up kingdom. When our churches embody these values, they will look strange to the world, but that should be our goal. We want people to see our congregations and notice that there is something different about them, that we have values that are different from those of the kingdoms of this world. View Resource

  • Delivered to the Gentiles Devotional

    Mark 10:32–34

    Jesus, as well as the New Testament authors, tells us that Christ’s death was a propitiatory sacrifice. It was a death that satisfied the wrath of God because Christ bore the curse of God on our behalf. To bear the curse of God is a horrible thing to imagine, but it was motivated by the grace, love, and mercy of our Creator. Because Christ was delivered over to the Gentiles, we who trust in Him never need to fear that we will have to bear the curse ourselves. View Resource

  • The Cup That Jesus Drinks Devotional

    Mark 10:35–40

    We do not know who will have the highest place of honor after Jesus in the kingdom of God. We do know, however, that honor in the kingdom will come only as we drink Jesus’ cup and are baptized with His baptism. That is, the most highly honored in the kingdom of God will be those who have suffered the greatest for Jesus’ name. As we suffer for Jesus, let us remember that such suffering will lead to honor in His kingdom. View Resource

  • Christ Our Ransom Devotional

    Mark 10:35–45

    Jesus ransoms us from the wrath of God, which means that we never need fear His condemnation if we trust in Christ alone for our salvation. In ransoming us from God’s wrath, our Savior also rescues us from bondage to sin and Satan. That means that we are no longer compelled to sin but may please the Lord through our love of God and neighbor. As Christians, let us live out the reality that we are in Christ, daily turning from sin and walking in His ways by the power of the Spirit. View Resource