• The Shepherd is Struck Devotional

    Mark 14:26–50

    Jesus solemnly warns us that He will deny before the Father those who deny Him before the world (Matt. 10:32–33). This should strike fear into our hearts and lead us to pray for the strength to confess Him in all circumstances. Yet His words should not cause us to despair, for His statement is not an absolute one. Christ will only deny those who continue to deny Him, but He will always receive back into fellowship those who have denied Him if they repent of their betrayal. View Resource

  • Jesus in Gethsemane Devotional

    Mark 14:32–36

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “Christ, amidst fear and sadness, was weak without any taint of sin.” Jesus asked for another way to save us, but He did not ask out of obstinate disobedience and a refusal to submit to the Lord. He was willing to obey the Father no matter what it would take. Let us pray that God would grant us the very same willingness. View Resource

  • Willing Spirits and Weak Flesh Devotional

    Mark 14:37–42

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “The consideration of the weakness and infirmity of our flesh should engage and quicken us to prayer and watchfulness.” Even when we find ourselves the most willing to do what is good, we must pray that our flesh would not stand in the way. Let us seek God’s face and not trust in our own strength that we might follow through on all our desires to serve the Lord. View Resource

  • Arrested Under the Cover of Night Devotional

    Mark 14:43–49

    Isaiah 53:12 prophesies that the Messiah would be “numbered with the transgressors,” treated as if He were a sinner even though He would have no sin of His own. This numbering began when Jesus was arrested as if He were a common criminal, and it culminated on the cross when Jesus underwent the punishment our sins deserve. Have you praised God this day for our Savior’s great sacrifice on our behalf? View Resource

  • The Fleeing Disciples Devotional

    Mark 14:50–52

    Certainly there was a real young man who actually fled the arrest of Jesus, leaving his clothes behind. That he was a real historical person, however, does not take away from the fact that we can see in him a warning to us. The temptation to flee our Christian profession is strong when there is a real cost to our obedience, and if we trust in ourselves, we will fail. Let us ask the Lord for the strength and grace to persevere under trial. View Resource

  • Jesus on Trial Devotional

    Mark 14:53–60

    Whether any of the authorities who put Jesus on trial ever came to saving faith in Him is uncertain. We do know this: Jesus’ sacrifice is enough to cover even the worst of sins. To receive the benefits of His sacrifice, all that we need to do is turn to Him in faith and repentance. If you are burdened by sin this day, know that the grace of Christ is sufficient to cleanse you no matter what you have done. All you need to do is turn to Him in faith. View Resource

  • The Son of Man at the Right Hand of Power Devotional

    Mark 14:61–62

    Our estimation of Jesus should be no less than Jesus’ own estimation of Himself. Jesus presented Himself not merely as a great teacher or worker of miracles, though He was each of those. Instead, He revealed Himself to be God, the Creator of all things. As we tell others about Jesus, let us make sure that we affirm His deity. View Resource

  • The Humiliation of Christ Devotional

    Mark 14:63–65

    God is sovereign over all creation, but He is not aloof, far removed from those whom He has created. The incarnation proves this, showing us that we serve a Lord who is not a part of His creation but is nonetheless willing to enter into it for the sake of our salvation. As Paul tells us in Philippians 2, the Son of God took on the form of a servant. He loved us enough to come where we are and save us. Let us praise Him this day for His love and mercy. View Resource

  • The Rooster’s Crow Devotional

    Mark 14:66–72

    Spurgeon writes, “The remembrance of sin committed is the Holy Spirit’s frequent, if not constant method of bringing men to weep over their wrong-doing and to turn from it.” It is good for us to think on our sin, for that gives us the opportunity to repent and to feel the Holy Spirit’s prodding of our consciences. Are you taking time to reflect on your sin and to repent of your transgressions? View Resource

  • Taken to Pilate Devotional

    Mark 15:1–5

    Jesus endured a trial before men and a sentence of death so that His people would be acquitted in the heavenly court. Having been put on trial and suffering for our guilt, Jesus gives us His righteousness so that we can stand before our Creator unafraid. No sacrifice could be greater, and there is no end to the thanksgiving we should offer for our Savior’s atonement. Let us thank and praise Him this day. View Resource

  • Pilate Capitulates to the Crowd Devotional

    Mark 15:6–15

    Lest we be too hard on the crowd who demanded the death of Jesus, we should recall the temptations we face to make the kingdom of this world more important than the kingdom of God. Every time we trust in political power and material comfort, we are demanding something other than Jesus. Let us search our hearts to determine where we are not trusting in the Lord and repent if we are trusting in earthly princes this day. View Resource

  • The Soldiers Mock Jesus Devotional

    Mark 15:16–20

    As we will see, the greatest suffering Christ endured was not the physical and emotional pain heaped on Him by other men; rather, the most intense pain Jesus experienced was the pain of God’s wrath as He hung on the cross. But all of our Lord’s suffering demonstrates His great love for us. Let us marvel at the greatness of the God whom we serve, the God who in Christ gives perfectly of Himself for the sake of our salvation. View Resource

  • The King on the Cross Devotional

    Mark 15:21–26

    Our Savior, God incarnate, suffered the loss of His garments at Golgotha so that we could be clothed with the royal robe of His righteousness. Covered by His perfect obedience, we are not only righteous in God’s sight but have been granted the right to rule alongside Jesus over the world (2 Tim. 2:1–13). Though we may suffer for Christ now, one day we will reign with Him. May that truth encourage us to persevere in faith. View Resource

  • The Atonement Devotional

    Mark 15:21–39

    One of the reasons Islam is able to gain a hearing is because of humanity’s natural tendency toward self-sufficiency. We think that we are able to pay our debt and to do what needs to be done to save ourselves. However, God Himself promised to resolve the infinite debt incurred by the one sin, and He sent one person with infinite righteousness to rescue us from judgment. Meditate today on Romans 3:21–26 so to keep you mindful of your need for an atonement. View Resource

  • Crucified and Reviled Devotional

    Mark 15:27–32

    That Mark can describe the mocking of Jesus as blasphemy shows us how seriously we must take the name of Jesus. His name is not something that should appear on our lips or flow from our pens in a frivolous manner. Instead, we must be careful to honor Jesus, for to dishonor Him is to dishonor God. Do you treat the name of Jesus with reverence? View Resource