• Do we add works to the gospel when we call nonbelievers to repent? Question and Answer

    Mark 1:14-15

    We are saved by grace through faith, and it is not our doing. Ephesians 2:8–9 makes that clear. But the call of the gospel, particularly from the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a call to repentance and belief (Mark 1:14–15). It is what the earlier question addressed—the good news is also bad news at the same time. So, repentance is the acknowledgment of my guilt before God; it is the confession and the relinquishing of my sin. And salvation is my receiving of His grace through the finished work of Jesus Christ. This transcript … View Resource

  • Scripture says that Christ stated the unforgivable sin as being blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Can you expand on that, and how should I pray for someone committing that sin? Question and Answer

    Mark 3:28-29

    There’s a lot of confusion over the sin that Jesus says cannot be forgiven either in this world or in the world to come. Some people think that the unforgivable sin is murder because the Old Testament gives us such strong sanctions against murder and says that if a person has committed murder, even if he repents, he is still to be executed. Others believe that it’s adultery because adultery violates the union of two people. As gross as these sins may be, I don’t think they fit the description here because we see that King David, for example, who … View Resource

  • How can Christians continue to minister to one another when large gatherings present a health risk? Question and Answer

    Mark 12:31

    FERGUSON: I never thought I would ever say, “Praise God for technology,” but my wife told me yesterday that our son, who is a minister of a smaller congregation, set up a YouTube channel for the congregation to have their midweek prayer service. It’s a small church without resources that other churches have. Amazingly, God has given us ways and means that no other generation has had for such a time as this. Other generations have known much, much worse than this and never had the technology. When H.B. Charles was talking about waking up with the congregation on his … View Resource