• Many Generous Women Devotional

    Luke 8:1–3

    Mary, Joanna, and Susanna obeyed the biblical principle that says the saints are to provide for those whose daily work is the Gospel ministry (1 Tim. 5:17). Like the rest of us, pastors need an adequate salary to meet the needs of their family. If you are able to influence such decisions in your local church, try to make sure your pastor is well taken care of. Moreover, we can all support our pastors with notes of encouragement or other such thanks. View Resource

  • Jarius’ Daughter Devotional

    Luke 8:40–56

    One of the more popular hymns from the past fifty years or so is β€œHe Touched Me,” which celebrates the power of Christ to make us whole. No matter how desperate our situation, Jesus promises to raise all those with faith in Him to life in a new heavens and a new earth. Those who follow Him experience the firstfruits of this complete redemption through spiritual wholeness and physical blessings even now. Trust Jesus today to make all things new for you. View Resource