• A Gift to Unworthy Servants Devotional

    Luke 17:7–10

    The abundance of God’s grace is seen not only in that He declares sinners righteous through faith in Christ alone but also in that He rewards His justified children for their obedience, imperfect as it is. We do not become citizens of heaven based on our good works, but we do good works to thank God for the citizenship that is ours only through faith. Let us obey the Lord, but let us not think that this obedience secures our righteous status before Him. View Resource

  • The One Who Is Speaking Devotional

    Luke 17:7–10

    We are creatures, and God alone is the Creator. That fact alone should generate in us a spirit of humility when we come to God in prayer. We are utterly dependent on Him and His grace for all things, and we are in need of His cleansing power to restore us when we sin. When you go to the Lord in prayer, confess your sins to Him and remember that you are dependent on Him for forgiveness and for all other good things. View Resource

  • Remembering Who We Are Devotional

    Luke 17:7–10

    When we enter the presence of the Lord, we must remember that we are sinners and have merited only the righteous wrath of our Creator. Thus, we should come before Him in a spirit of repentance, with sorrow for sin and longing for His mercy. We never come to a point in our lives on this side of glory when we do not need repentance, and thanks be to God, all those in Christ can be confident that He forgives us when we turn from our sin. View Resource

  • Humble Speech Devotional

    Luke 17:10

    View Resource

  • Giving Thanks Devotional

    Luke 17:11-19

    We might think that we are grateful to God for what He has done for us, but if we never work to serve others, especially His people, then we must question the authenticity of our thankfulness. James 2:14–26 and other passages make it clear that Christian virtues are not mere inward thoughts and feelings but are expressed in concrete acts of love and service. Let us show forth how thankful we are to God by doing good to others. View Resource

  • The Gospel of the Kingdom Devotional

    Luke 17:20–21

    With the coming of Christ, the kingdom of God is now evident among His people even as we wait for its final consummation at His return. The gospel announces that Jesus has done the work necessary to overcome our natural resistance to God’s kingdom and to make us citizens of this kingdom through faith alone. As we preach the gospel, we are announcing the blessed reign of the Lord, and we must repeat His command that all people everywhere repent and bow to His rule. View Resource