• Finding Peace Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-3

    In the wake of tragedy, people inevitably ask “why?” Yet as we read the New Testament, we discover that there are more important questions we should be asking: How will we escape the ultimate calamity facing mankind? Are you hoping for the unconditional love of God to save you? In this message entitled “Finding Peace,” Dr. Sproul explains the greatest calamity facing mankind and the greatest solution God has provided. View Resource

  • Justice and Grace Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-5

    Sometimes we forget that there is more to God than grace, mercy, and love; there is also justice and holiness. What is the difference between justice and grace, and how does that apply to the Christian life? In this message, Dr. Sproul helps us understand more about the severity of holiness, the justness of justice, and the graciousness of grace. View Resource

  • Providence and Evil Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-5

    What does the existence of evil say about the goodness of God? How are we to understand God’s providence as we experience all kinds of evil happening around us? Through the centuries, people have been trying to reconcile the goodness of God with the existence of evil. Some theologians and philosophers have concluded that either God is not good, or that He simply lacks the power to overcome evil. Here, Dr. Sproul clears up exactly why God allows evil. View Resource

  • Understanding Suffering Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-5

    When you face suffering at any level, how do you handle it? Do you deny its existence; become indifferent to its effects; cover it up; or courageously take it head on? In this message entitled “Understanding Suffering,” Dr. Sproul explains the different responses people have to suffering, and what the biblical response should be. View Resource

  • When Towers Fall Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-5

    When tragedies occur, people question their views of God, good and evil, and their own mortality. Questions like: Why did all those innocent people have to die? Why did God let this happen? Where is God in all of this? In Jesus’ own day, people had the same kinds of questions when tragedy struck. Jesus gave unpopular, and indeed hard answers, to those seeking comfort and understanding. Dr. Sproul discusses these in this message as he begins this series on the Hard Sayings of Jesus. View Resource

  • Post-Christian Christianity Media Resource by

    Luke 13:22-29

    When the surrounding culture changes, one approach that has been taken by many churches over the centuries is to capitulate to the new thought-forms and change the message of Christ to suit the world. This was true of nineteenth-century liberalism, and it is true in many churches today. In this session, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains the dangers of following the ever-shifting tides of contemporary culture and calls the church to walk in the ancient paths. View Resource