• Repentance: A Vital Step Devotional

    Luke 13:1–5

    Think back to your conversion to Christ. In what ways did you “change your mind” when you came to Him? From what sorts of behaviors did you turn away? Have you kept the resolutions you made or do you find you must repent regularly? Think on these questions and ask God to use this study to strengthen your walk with Him. View Resource

  • When Towers Fall Devotional

    Luke 13:1–5

    The real question is not, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Rather, the key issue is, “Why do good things happen to bad people?” Even the best of us has sinned against our infinitely holy God, so we deserve nothing more than divine wrath. The Lord is gracious beyond measure to us, and we should use that grace as an opportunity to look for sin in our hearts and repent. View Resource

  • The Kingdom of God Devotional

    Luke 13:18–21

    When Jesus taught us to pray, He told us to ask for God’s kingdom to come (Matt. 6:9–13). It is easy to pray a laundry list of requests for health, safety, and other provisions. But how many of us spend time in concentrated prayer that all peoples would submit to God and obey His Law? All of us should be praying for at least one person’s salvation. When we seek to be used by God to lead others to the truth, we are obeying, at least in one way, Jesus’ prayer request. View Resource