• The Promise of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 13:1-14:4

    When we think of Samson, first and foremost, we need to think of him as one set apart unto the Lord. Samson’s renowned strength can only be secondary to the call of holiness upon his life. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey creates a character sketch of Samson’s parents upon their receiving the promise of his birth and outlines the express instruction they received to consecrate him to the Lord. View Resource

  • The Selfishness of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 14:1-15:3

    Samson’s choice of a wife was characterized by self-indulgence. He walked by sight and not by faith, yet God still used him as a judge in Israel. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey demonstrates how Samson’s selfishness led to dark and violent episodes of tyranny and revenge. View Resource

  • Biblical Theology Media Resource by

    Judges 14-16

    Biblical theology teaches us to read the Bible as one story about the person and work of Christ. In this lesson, Dr. Leeman shows how biblical theology is not only central to how we are to read the Bible but also central to a healthy church. View Resource