• The Basics of Ethics Devotional

    Judges 2:11

    Many Christians think that there is no law in the new covenant. Yet lawlessness is precisely that which characterizes condemned people (Matt. 7:23). In Christ we have been enabled to obey God and to fulfill His law (Rom. 8:1–8). When we love others as we love ourselves, we will do what is required of covenant keepers (13:8–10). Spend time today reviewing the Westminster Larger Catechism, Questions 91–153, so that you might know what the moral law requires of us. View Resource

  • The Basis of Ethics Devotional

    Judges 2:11

    The way in which the Mosaic law applies to believers today is a contentious matter, and there are many different opinions on the subject even within the Reformed tradition. All agree, however, that the coming of Christ did not suddenly make the Ten Commandments and the other ethical portions of the law of Moses invalid. Let us endeavor to know the moral law, that we might live in a way pleasing to our God. View Resource

  • Deborah Devotional

    Judges 4–5

    Most of us would likely be considered ordinary people who will never make the history books. From a human perspective, we may not seem all that “great.” Yet from God’s perspective, ordinary is what we want to be. He brings about His will through the instrumentality of ordinary people making ordinary decisions such as the best way to teach their children the Bible or how they can reach their next-door neighbor with the gospel. The Lord uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. View Resource

  • Our Ethical Basis Devotional

    Judges 21:25

    Dr. R.C. Sproul notes that Christian ethics are theonomic, that is, governed by God’s law. This does not mean the church is called to institute a theocracy in the civil realm. It does mean that no correct ethical decision can be made apart from reflection on God’s law. Many Christians neglect the study of the law of the Lord, but if we do not seek to understand His commandments, we will lack the wisdom needed to discern between right and wrong in our decisions. View Resource