• Israel Obeys the Covenant Devotional

    Joshua 5:1–12

    An outward act of obedience in itself does not prove that genuine faith is present, but we have no reason to believe genuine faith is present if we never see any outward acts of obedience to God’s covenant demands. True saving faith and obedience to God’s commandments go together, and those who have truly trusted in God for salvation will be concerned to obey Him. View Resource

  • Joshua Devotional

    Joshua 5:13–15

    Joshua, who bears the same name in Hebrew as our Lord does, met Jesus as the commander of God’s army, but is also himself a type of savior. As leader of the Israelites in victory over Canaan, Joshua typifies the one who defeated sin and death on the cross. Are you confident in the victory of Christ? Do you rejoice knowing that He has conquered and has seen fit to use you in the battle? Look to Jesus to give you courage and follow Him wherever He leads. View Resource

  • Joshua Meets The Commander of God’s Army Devotional

    Joshua 5:13–15

    The figure in today’s passage did not rebuke Joshua for worshiping him, which is another proof that Joshua had an encounter with God Himself (see Rev. 22:8–9). This encounter shows us that when we fight the battles God has commissioned us for, God Himself is fighting the war. As we trust in Him and follow His ways, we can be sure that we will share in His final victory. View Resource

  • Commander of the Lord’s Army Devotional

    Joshua 5:13-15

    Even believers can presume that God is on their side on a particular issue without due consideration. Though he was not an evangelical, Abraham Lincoln’s famous words can serve us well here: “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” Unless our goals and positions are grounded in Scripture, we cannot reasonably expect the Lord to fight for us. View Resource

  • Our Commander Devotional

    Joshua 5:13-15

    It is vital for us to realize that Christ is our captain, and to “accept Him” is to make His purposes our own. He is not just the great facilitator to help us achieve our ends. Above all, we should do as Joshua did—fall before Him in worship. Begin now to prepare for the next Lord’s Day and consider ways you can worship Him more properly. View Resource