• He Gave Us Stories Media Resource by

    Joshua 3

    Stories—true stories—of the patriarchs, the kings of Israel, Jesus, and his apostles make up a large portion of the Bible. Indeed, stories shape our way of looking at the world, and this is true also of fictional literature. In this session, Andrew Peterson will speak on his approach as a writer of fiction, and how his understanding of the Holy Spirit impacts that process. He will in turn speak to how he hopes readers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, interacts with what we read whenever we sit down with a good book. View Resource

  • Remembering the Works of God Media Resource by

    Joshua 3:1-17

    Critics always try to find inconstancies in the Bible and always looking to explain away the miraculous with a naturalistic explanation. Some critics have tried to expect us to believe that the Red Sea was only knee deep. So what is their answer for the crossing of the Jordan? How far can we agree with them? Addressing this thought in this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us the miraculous nature and significance of the crossing of the Jordan in redemptive history. View Resource