• Claiming a Share Devotional

    Joshua 17:1-13

    Zelophehad’s daughters came boldly before Joshua because God had promised them an inheritance. How much more should we come before God to claim what has been promised to us? The Word of God encourages us to come boldly (Heb. 4:16) because we have a great and loving High Priest. Go to Him today and every day to find grace. View Resource

  • Questioning God’s Lot Devotional

    Joshua 17:14–18

    Ephraim and Manasseh find much of their land occupied by enemies. Other tribes seem to receive much more peaceful territories. So God guided the lot, and so He does in the lives of His people today. Some struggle more than others, but He has promised that all things work for good. Whether you have struggle or ease, praise Him always. View Resource