• Following the Blueprint Devotional

    Joshua 14:1-5

    As we will see, God determines which tribe inherits which mountain, field, or stream. He does the same for us, giving us those things that are for our good and His glory. Most of all, He gives us an “inheritance in Christ” (Eph. 1:11). Do you trust Him to do good by you providentially? Ask for grace to see His hand in your circumstances. View Resource

  • Caleb Receives His Inheritance Devotional

    Joshua 14:6–15

    True faith in God recognizes that everything we have, including our lives, comes from His hand. True faith in God also rests on the promises of the Lord, believing what He has revealed. If we are to have the kind of faith that pleases God, we must trust Him enough to believe His promises, including those promises to reward His servants (Heb. 11:6), and we must daily recognize that we owe everything to Him. View Resource

  • Faithfulness Rewarded Devotional

    Joshua 14:6-15

    Caleb was willing to dare great things for God. As such, he was an invaluable example of faith for the people of Israel. Studying the lives of great men and women of faith can and does strengthen our trust in God. Who are some examples of faith to whom you look, either Biblical or extra-Biblical? Pray today that God will help you emulate them. View Resource