• The Language of Scripture Devotional

    Joshua 10:1–15

    The Bible is not silent on topics related to science; however, it is not a science textbook. Understanding literary forms such as phenomenological language will assist us in not treating the Bible as something that it is not, thereby improving our interpretation of the text. Reading the Word of God carefully according to these forms will help keep us from asserting error and confusing people about the meaning of God’s revelation. View Resource

  • Facing the Alliance Devotional

    Joshua 10

    When we call people to faith in Christ we are not offering them a choice that can be made with impunity. God commands all people everywhere to bow to His Son, and those who will not bow today will most certainly bow in the age to come. Let us strive to remind people of the dreadful consequences that await all those who will not submit to Jesus and let us endeavor each day to “kiss the Son, lest He become angry” (Ps. 2:12). View Resource

  • Basic Literary Forms I Devotional

    Joshua 10:13a

    Modern science and mathematics enable us to speak with great precision at times. Truth, however, does not always demand the kind of precision that we find in modern science. Remember that the approximations, estimates, and other uses of language we find in the Bible also give us an accurate picture of the universe. View Resource