• Joshua Devotional

    Joshua 1:1–9

    Many people have suggested that the figure Joshua meets in chapter 5 was a pre-incarnate manifestation of the Son of God. Whether or not that is the case, the important point to note is that we are to be courageous for godliness and that such courage comes as we place ourselves on the Lord’s “side” against evil. We can do that by faith as we study His Word and ask for His help so that we would love what He loves and hate what He hates. View Resource

  • Joshua Commissioned to Lead Israel Devotional

    Joshua 1:1–5

    If Joshua and the Israelites were not convinced that God would be with them, they would have been unable to obey Him and take the land. Similarly, if we are unconvinced that God is with us, we will not attempt great things for the kingdom of God or do what God has commanded when it is hard to do so. God promises to be with us by His Spirit because of the work of Christ (John 14:18; Heb. 13:5). Let us believe that truth this day, that we might serve Him. View Resource

  • Be Strong and Courageous Devotional

    Joshua 1

    Our feelings are often unreliable and in any case they cannot determine the truthfulness of God’s promised presence. Whether we sense that He is present or not, the Lord is with us to accomplish His will, and we must trust His promises in Scripture even when we do not particularly feel like it. How do your feelings influence your belief in God’s Word? Ask Him to help you be convinced of His presence even if it feels like He is absent. View Resource

  • The Need for a Comforter Devotional

    Joshua 1

    Is there some situation in your life that has you afraid, or has your heart gone out of it all and made you discouraged? Read Joshua 1 and John 14, and ask God to both console and restore you “with strength”—the strength of the Divine Comforter, our gift from Jesus. View Resource

  • Strength and Courage Devotional

    Joshua 1:6–9

    God exhorts His people to be strong and courageous as they carry out His mission, and one of the ways we grow in strength and courage is by believing and obeying His Word. When we do what God tells us to do and we are blessed in so doing, we are thereby encouraged to trust in the Lord even more. We must know what God has promised in His Word and how He has promised to bless us if we are to grow in the courage He gives to us. View Resource

  • Meditating Day and Night Devotional

    Joshua 1:8

    We meditate on Scripture not simply to fill our minds with knowledge, but to prepare ourselves to act rightly even when the text is not before us. A.W. Pink notes in his Gleanings from Joshua: Joshua’s “mind was to be exercised upon God’s Word with a specific purpose and practical end: not simply to rest in contemplation, but in order to be regulated by its precepts, through a serious inculcating of them upon his heart.” This should be our goal. View Resource

  • Israel Accepts Joshua’s Command Devotional

    Joshua 1:10–18

    God continues to lead His people through the work of undershepherds, church leaders who are accountable to the Lord to lead His people in godliness. We are to be subject to these leaders, following them as they guide us with humility and with holiness (1 Peter 5:1–5). Let us follow the leaders God has given us in the church and support them in their work. View Resource